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RBINS Staff Publications 2020

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 392 references in this bibliography folder.

Van Maren, B, Vroom, J, Fettweis, M, and Vanlede, J (2020).
Formation of the Zeebrugge Coastal Turbidity Maximum: The role of uncertainty in near-bed exchange processes.
Marine Geology, 425.

Van Neer, W, Alhaique, F, Wouters, W, Dierickx, K, Gala, M, Goffette, Q, Mariani, G, Zerboni, A, and di Lernia, S (2020).
Aquatic fauna from the Takarkori rock shelter reveals the Holocene central Saharan climate and palaeohydrography
PLOS ONE, 15(2):e0228588.

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Safeguarding Freshwater Life Beyond 2020: Recommendations for the new Global Biodiversity Framework from the European Experience
Conservation Letters.

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GENBAS - Genomic and Behavioural Aspects of Cichlid Speciation
Belgian Science Policy Office, Final Report BRAIN-be (Belgian Research Action through Interdisciplinary Networks) 2012-2017 - Contract - BR/132/A1/GENBAS, WTCIII, Simon Bolivarlaan 30, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium.

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Unravelling the evolution of Africa’s drainage basins through a widespread freshwater fish, the African sharptooth catfish Clarias gariepinus
Journal of Biogeography, 47(8):1739-1754.

van Vliet, H, Jagt, J, Schulp, A, and Bosselaers, M (2020).
De oudste in situ-walvis van Nederland afkomstig van het noordwestelijk deel van de Sint-Pietersberg, Maastricht
Grondboor & Hamer, 74(1):14-20.

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Cainozoic Research, 20(1):121-148.

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Towards Estimating the Biogeochemical Footprint of an Offshore Windfarm
In: Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020, AGU.

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EcoHealth reframing of disease monitoring
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Climate of the Past, 16(1):141-160.

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Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 538:109460.

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Type Maastrichtian Gastropod faunas showing rapid ecosystem recovery following the Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary catastrophe
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Verbinnen, G (2020).
On the identity of Conus pennaceus sensu stricto Born, 1778, Conus pennaceus forma episcopus (Hwass in Bruguiére, 1792), Conus magnificus Reeve, 1843 and Conus quasimagnificus da Motta, 1982 from the coastal waters of Egypt, Red Sea
Gloria Maris, 59(1):8-16.

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Maastrichtersteen of mergel onderhouden
Booklet, Monumentenwacht Vlaanderen, Draagstructuur en Overspanning, 4.6, 3 p.

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New and poorly known species of Cancellariidae (Neogastropoda: Cancellarioidea) from the Indian Ocean and the western Pacific
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Integrative taxonomy of giant crested Eusirus in the Southern Ocean, including the description of a new species (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Eusiridae)
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 20:1-47.

Vermeersch, XH (2020).
Titanodula gen. nov., a new genus of giant Oriental praying mantises (Mantodea: Mantidae: Hierodulinae)
Belgian Journal of Entomology, 100:1-18.

Vermeersch, XH and Unnahachote, T (2020).
Hierodula confusa sp. nov., a new species of Hierodula Burmeister, 1838 (Mantodea: Mantidae: Hierodulinae: Hierodulini)
Belgian Journal of Entomology, 103:1-13.

Vidovic, J, Schavemaker, Y, Witteman, T, Tulstrup, J, van Gessel, S, Piessens, K, and Solar, S (2020).
EuroGeoSurveys: from a non-profit association to ageological service for Europe
Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 499:129-137.

Vranken, N, Van Steenberge, M, Balagazi, A, and Snoeks, J (2020).
The synonymy of Haplochromis pharyngalis and Haplochromis petronius (Cichlidae)
Journal of Fish Biology, 97(5):1554-1559.

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