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RBINS Staff Publications 2020

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 392 references in this bibliography folder.

Jadin, I and Cahen, D (à paraître).
The enclosed village of Darion-Colia and the Secteur Blicquien all-together...
In : Bogucki P. I., Keeley L. H. et al., Enclosed Villages:5 p., 2 pl..

Nehme, C, Verheyden, S, Kluge, T, Weissbach, T, Nader, F, Gucel, F, Charalambidou, I, Cheng, H, Edwards, L, and Claeys, P (subm).
Speleothem record from Pentadactylos cave (Cyprus): high-resolution insight into climatic variations during MIS 6 and MIS 5
In: EGU General Assembly 2020.EGU2020-11105.

Bosselaers, M (2021).
Over aan wal gebrachte walvisoren
Zeeland, jg 30(2021-1):28-31.

Paoletti, S, Bekaert, K, Barbut, L, Lacroix, G, Volckaert, FA, and Hostens, K (2021).
Validating a biophysical dispersal model with the early life-history traits of common sole (Solea solea L.)
PLOS ONE, 16(9):e0257709.

Rahmouni, C, Van Steenberge, M, Vanhove, MP, and Simkova, A (2021).
Intraspecific morphological variation in Cichlidogyrus (Monogenea) parasitizing two cichlid hosts from Lake Tanganyika exhibiting different dispersal capacities
Hydrobiologia, 848:3833-3845.

Annaert, R, Boudin, M, Deforce, K, Ervynck, A, Haneca, K, Lentacker, A, and Snoeck, C (2020).
Anomalous radiocarbon dates from the early medieval cremation graves from Broechem (Flanders, Belgium): reservoir or old wood effects?
Radiocarbon, 62:269-288.

Antoniazzi, R, Ahuatzin, D, Pelayo-Martinez, J, Ortiz-Lozada, L, Leponce, M, and Dattilo, W (2020).
On the effectiveness of hand collection to complement baits when studying ant vertical stratification in tropical rainforests
Sociobiology, 67(2):213-222.

Antoniazzi, R, García-Franco, J, Janda, M, Leponce, M, and Dáttilo, W (2020).
Diurnal foraging ant–tree co-occurrence networks are similar between canopy and understorey in a Neotropical rain forest
Biotropica, DOI: 10.1111/btp.12773(n/a).

Antoniazzi, R, Guevara, R, García‐Franco, J, Janda, M, Leponce, M, and Dáttilo, W (2020).
Environmental drivers of ant dominance in a tropical rainforest canopy at different spatial scales
Ecological Entomology.

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First record of Ciocalypta Bowerbank, 1862 (Demospongiae, Suberitida, Halichondriidae) in the Eastern Pacific, with description of a new species from Peru
Zootaxa, 4853(3):429-441.

Asti, S, Polet, C, Kharobi, A, Courtaud, P, and Clist, B (2020).
Les sépultures des XVII-XVIIIèmes siècles fouillées en 1938 à Ngongo Mbata (République Démocratique du Congo) : recrutement et état sanitaire
Anthropologica et Præhistorica, 129:103-126.

Authom, N, Collette, O, and Genvier, S (2020).
Rumes/Taintignies – « Le Pèlerin », site artisanal (et d'extraction ?) du Haut-Empire et réoccupation rurale tardo-romaine
Chronique de l'Archéologie wallonne, 27:89-96.

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A review of the geology and origin of CO2 in mineral water springs in east Belgium
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Where and why: using a structural framework to contextualise and improve the understanding of processes leading to mineral occurrences
In: GeoUtrecht 2020, 24-26th August 2020, Utrecht, The Nederlands.

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Investigating geological processes and their links with geological structures through geomanifestations
In: EGU 2020, Vienna. Abstract book.

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Animal remains and human-animal-environment relationships at Early Neolithic Bestansur and Shimshara
In: The Early Neolithic of the Eastern Fertile Crescent: Excavations at Bestansur and Shimshara, Iraqi Kurdistan, ed. by Roger Matthews, Wendy Matthews, Kamal Rasheed Raheem and Amy Richardson . Oxbow Books and British Institute for Persian Studies, Oxford, chap. 15, pp. 311-352. Central Zagros Archaeological Project, Volume 2.

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Origins and genetic legacy of prehistoric dogs
Science, 370:557-564.

Berkers, M, Deforce, K, De Langhe, K, Dumalin, E, Ervynck, A, Herremans, D, Laleman, MC, Lentacker, A, Moens, J, Stoops, G, Vanden Berghe, I, Van Neer, W, Veraart, D, and Wouters, W (2020).
Godshuizenlaan 2, Bijlokesite: Goede tijden, slechte tijden. Een blik op de materiële cultuur van de 16de-eeuwse Bijloke-abdij
Stadsarcheologie. Bodem en Monument in Gent, reeks 2(9):59-127.

Bertrand, O, Brusatte, S, Shelley, SL, Wible, JR, Williamson, TE, Chester, SG, Holbrook, LT, Lyson, TR, Smith, T, and Meng, J (2020).
Brain evolution of early placental mammals: the impact of the end-Cretaceous mass extinction on the the neurosensory system of our distant relatives
In: The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, 80th Annual Meeting - Virtual 2020 - October 12-16, Conference Program, pp. 74-75, Society of Vertebrate Paleontology.

Bianucci, G, de Muizon, C, Urbina, M, and Lambert, O (2020).
Extensive diversity and disparity of the early Miocene platanistoids (Cetacea, Odontoceti) in the southeastern Pacific (Chilcatay Formation, Peru)
Life, 10:27.

Birchenough, S and Degraer, S (2020).
Science in support of ecologically sound decommissioning strategies for offshore man-made structures: taking stock of current knowledge and considering future challenges
ICES Journal of Marine Science, 77:1075-1078.

Bisconti, M and Bosselaers, M (2020).
A new balaenopterid species from the Southern North Sea Basin informs about phylogeny and taxonomy of Burtinopsis and Protororqualus (Cetacea, Mysticeti, Balaenopteridae)
PeerJ, 8:e9570.

Bisconti, M, Munsterman, D, Fraaije, R, Bosselaers, M, and Post, K (2020).
A new species of rorqual whale (Cetacea, Mysticeti, Balaenopteridae) from the Late Miocene of the Southern North Sea Basin and the role of the North Atlantic in the paleobiogeography of Archaebalaenoptera
PeerJ, 2020(8):8315.

Bletsa, M, Vrancken, B, Gryseels, S, Boonen, I, Fikatas, A, Li, Y, Laudisoit, A, Lequime, S, Bryja, J, Makundi, R, Meheretu, Y, Dudu Akaibe, B, Gambalemoke Mbalitini, S, Van de Perre, F, Van Houtte, N, Tesıkova, J, Wollants, E, Van Ranst, M, Felix Drexler, J, Verheyen, E, Leirs, H, Gouy de Bellocq, J, and Lemey, P (2020).
Unravelling the evolutionary relationships of hepaciviruses within and across rodent hosts

Boesl, F, Engel, M, Eco, R, Galang, J, Gonzalo, L, Llanes, F, Quix, E, and Brückner, H (2020).
Digital mapping of coastal boulders – High-resolution data acquisition to infer past and recent transport dynamics.
Sedimentology , 67:1393-1410.

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