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RBINS Staff Publications 2017

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Article Reference A classic Late Frasnian chondrychtyan assemblage from southern Belgium Article Reference
Webpublished Reference 1001 décisions, gouvernance et gestion - 1001 besslissingen, beleid en politiek Webpublished Reference
Article Reference Population genetic structure in Sabatieria (Nematoda) reveals intermediary gene flow and admixture between distant cold seeps from the Mediterranean Sea Article Reference
Article Reference Distinct genetic differentiation and species diversification within two marine nematodes with different habitat preference in Antarctic sediments Article Reference
Article Reference Low genetic but high morphological variation over more than 1000 km coastline refutes omnipresence of cryptic diversity in marine nematodes Article Reference
Inproceedings Reference Spatio-temporal variation of ant distribution among ground layers in an Andean tropical forest Inproceedings Reference
Inproceedings Reference Ants mosaic in tropical lowland forest: Take a look on a bigger scale Inproceedings Reference
Inproceedings Reference Contrasting ant diversity and distribution between ground, understorey and canopy rainforest strata along Mt Wilhelm, Papua New Guinea. Inproceedings Reference
Inproceedings Reference Our Planet Reviewed 2012 biodiversity survey along Mt Wilhelm, Papua New Guinea. Inproceedings Reference
Article Reference A global database of ant species abundances Article Reference
Inproceedings Reference Plant-invertebrate-vertebrate biodiversity and food web patterns along Mt Wilhelm and other complete altitudinal rainforest gradients. Inproceedings Reference
Inproceedings Reference The relationship between taxonomic diversity and aboveground carbon storage is taxon-specific Inproceedings Reference
Inproceedings Reference DNA barcoding and ecological survey of the ants of Iguazu National Park: looking at the tip of the iceberg in a biodiversity hotspot Inproceedings Reference
Inproceedings Reference text/h323 Organizing large-scale biodiversity inventories in the tropics: lessons from IBISCA projects Inproceedings Reference
Inproceedings Reference Canopy exploration and paraecologist training in Papua New Guinea Inproceedings Reference
Article Reference Litter-dwelling ants as bioindicators to gauge the sustainability of small arboreal monocultures embedded in the Amazonian rainforest Article Reference
Inproceedings Reference Dna barcoding and ecological surveys of the ants of southern Atlantic forest: looking at the tip of the iceberg in a biodiversity hotspot Inproceedings Reference
Inproceedings Reference Subterranean ants: what have been advanced in the last frontier of ant biodiversity studies? Inproceedings Reference
Article Reference Mind the gap! Integrating taxonomic approaches to assess ant diversity at the southern extreme of the Atlantic Forest Article Reference
Article Reference Nuclear markers support the mitochondrial phylogeny of Vipera ursinii–renardi complex (Squamata: Viperidae) and species status for the Greek meadow viper Article Reference
Article Reference The global distribution of tetrapods reveals a need for targeted reptile conservation Article Reference
Unpublished Reference 4 Decades of Belgian Marine MONitoring: Uplifting historical data to today’s needs - WP1 Coordination Unpublished Reference
Unpublished Reference 4 Decades of Belgian Marine MONitoring: Uplifting historical data to today’s needs - WP2 Data Management Unpublished Reference
Unpublished Reference 4 Decades of Belgian Marine Monitoring: Uplifting historical data to today’s needs - WP5 Ocean Acidification Unpublished Reference
Unpublished Reference Annual Report - 4 decades of Belgian marine monitoring: Uplifting historical data to today's needs Unpublished Reference
Article Reference Journées annuelles 2016 : "Phylogénie, taxonomie et nomenclature", 10 et 11 septembre 2016, Saint-Sulpice-sur Risle. Compte rendu de la journée Article Reference
Article Reference Editorial Article Reference
Article Reference High-amplitude lake-level changes in tectonically active Lake Issyk-Kul (Kyrgyzstan) revealed by high-resolution seismic reflection data Article Reference
Article Reference Age of mud breccia from mud volcanoes in Academician Ridge, Lake Baikal Article Reference
Techreport Reference Milieueffectenbeoordeling van de bouw en de exploitatie van een tijdelijke testinstallatie voor golfenergieconversie nabij de haven van Oostende Techreport Reference
Article Reference Crassicauda boopis in a fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus) ship-struck in the eastern North Atlantic Ocean Article Reference
Article Reference Luminescence dating of cyclone-induced washover fans at Point Lefroy (NW Australia) Article Reference
Article Reference Methodology for heritage conservation in Belgium based on multi-temporal interferometry Article Reference
Techreport Reference Annual plan 2017, CEBioS programme Techreport Reference
Article Reference Subsidence related to groundwater pumping for breweries in Merchtem area (Belgium), highlighted by Persistent Scaterrer Interferometry Article Reference
Article Reference Octet Stream Toward a new data standard for combined marine biological and environmental datasets - Expanding OBIS beyond species occurrences Article Reference
Inproceedings Reference Subsidence Related To Groundwater Pumping For Breweries in Belgium Inproceedings Reference
Article Reference Lakes or wetlands? A comment on ‘The middle Holocene climatic records from Arabia: Reassessing lacustrine environments, shift of ITCZ in Arabian Sea, and impacts of the southwest Indian and African monsoons’ by Enzel et al. Article Reference
Article Reference Octet Stream The worked bone industry and intrusive fauna associated with the prehistoric cave burials of Abri des Autours (Belgium) Article Reference
Article Reference Late Pleistocene modern human diversity in Central Africa Article Reference
Article Reference The Upper Paleolithic human remains from the Troisieme caverne of Goyet (Belgium) Article Reference
Manual Reference Congo basin integrated monitoring for forest carbon mitigation and biodiversity - COBIMFO Manual Reference
Article Reference Pollen-derived biomes in the Eastern Mediterranean–Black Sea–Caspian-Corridor Article Reference
Article Reference Fuel for debating ancient economies. Calculating wood consumption at urban scale in Roman Imperial times Article Reference
Article Reference New insight on Carboniferous (Viséan) brachiopods from eastern Tafilalt (Morocco) Article Reference
Article Reference Chronostratigraphy and geomorphology of washover fans in the Exmouth Gulf (NW Australia) – A record of tropical cyclone activity during the late Holocene Article Reference
Article Reference Continuity and change in animal exploitation at the transition from Antiquity to the early medieval period in the Belgian and Dutch loess region Article Reference
Article Reference GEPATAR: A geotechnical based PS-InSAR toolbox for architectural conservation in Belgium Article Reference
Unpublished Reference Roundtable Species.BE Unpublished Reference
Article Reference Utilitarian framings of biodiversity shape environmental impact assessment in development cooperation Article Reference
Article Reference Surface movement above old coal longwalls after mine closure Article Reference
Techreport Reference Investigations géophysiques du remplissage sédimentaire de la Salle de la structure. Techreport Reference
Inproceedings Reference PSI analysis of multi-sensor archive data for urban geohazard risk management: a case-study from Brussels Inproceedings Reference
Inproceedings Reference Assessing Vertical Elevation Changes of Coastal Areas in Southern Chile to Improve The Understanding of Their Paleotsunami Sedimentary Records Inproceedings Reference
Article Reference A case study on the growth of Lanice conchilega (Pallas, 1766) aggregations and their ecosystem engineering impact on sedimentary processes Article Reference
Article Reference text/texmacs Effects of temporal fluctuation in population processes of intertidal Lanice conchilega (Pallas, 1766) aggregations on its ecosystem engineering Article Reference
Article Reference Diversity in pig husbandry fromthe Classical-Hellenistic to the Byzantine periods: An integrated dental analysis of Düzen Tepe and Sagalassos assemblages (Turkey) Article Reference
Article Reference Considering economic and geological uncertainty in the simulation of realistic investment decisions for CO2-EOR projects in the North Sea Article Reference
Article Reference Diversity in pig husbandry from the Classical-Hellenistic to the Byzantine periods: An integrated dental analysis of Düzen Tepe and Sagalassos assemblages (Turkey) Article Reference
Article Reference Searching for particular traits of sawfly (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae) larvae that emit hemolymph as a defence against predators Article Reference
Article Reference Exploring the shell-based taxonomy of the Sri Lankan land snail Corilla H. and A. Adams, 1855 (Pulmonata: Corillidae) using mitochondrial DNA Article Reference
Article Reference Did the giant extinct shark Carcharocles megalodon target small prey? Bite marks on marine mammal remains from the late Miocene of Peru Article Reference
Article Reference Hydrogen isotopes in Quaternary mammal collagen from Europe Article Reference
Article Reference Palaeolithic and prehistoric dogs and Pleistocene wolves from Yakutia: identification of isolated skulls. Article Reference
Article Reference The Rapid Spread of Early Farming from the Aegean into the Balkans via the Sub-Mediterranean-Aegean Vegetation Zone Article Reference
Article Reference The arrow points north - endemic areas and post-Devensian assembly of the British empidoidea fauna (Insecta: Diptera) Article Reference
Article Reference Urbanization drives community shifts towards thermophilic and dispersive species at local and landscape scales Article Reference
Article Reference Miscellanea Herpetologica Gabonica VII Article Reference
Article Reference Philippine mossy forest stick insects: first record of the genus Otraleus Günther, 1935 in the country, with four new species, and the new genus Capuyanus gen. nov. (Phasmida, Diapheromeridae, Necrosciinae) Article Reference
Article Reference The Evolution of Cattle Husbandry Practices in the Roman Period in Gallia Belgica and Western Germania Inferior. Article Reference
Article Reference The Picasso stick insect. A striking new species of Calvisia from Vietnam with notes on captive breeding and new methods for incubation of eggs (Phasmida: Diapheromeridae: Necrosciinae) Article Reference
Article Reference The new stick insect genus Medauromorpha gen. nov. with one new species from Vietnam and notes on Medauroidea Zompro, 2000 (Phasmida: Phasmatidae: Clitumninae) Article Reference
Article Reference Approche des pratiques agricoles durant le haut Moyen Âge en Hesbaye : étude de l’habitat rural de Lohincou/Villers-le-Bouillet (Province de Liège, Belgique) Article Reference
Article Reference Beef, pork and mutton. An archaeological survey of the meat consumption in medieval and postmedieval towns in the southern Low Countries (Flanders & Brussels, Belgium) Article Reference
Article Reference Oviposition of the snake Thelotornis kirtlandii in a parabiotic ant nest Article Reference
Article Reference Off-shore enhanced oil recovery in the North Sea: The impact of price uncertainty on the investment decisions Article Reference
Article Reference Human-environment interactions in the Holocene Article Reference
Article Reference On Prophoca and Leptophoca (Pinnipedia, Phocidae) from the Miocene of the North Atlantic realm: redescription of Belgian material, phylogenetic affinities and paleobiogeographic implications Article Reference
Article Reference A behavioural framework for the evolution of feeding in predatory aquatic mammals Article Reference
Article Reference Unusual geologic evidence for coeval seismic shaking and tsunamis reinforces variability in earthquake size and recurrence in the area of the giant 1960 Chile earthquake. Article Reference
Article Reference The influence of environmental variables on freshwater rotifers of the family Brachionidae and Lecanidae in Thailand Article Reference
Article Reference Redescription of Cichlidogyrus tiberianus Paperna, 1960 and C. dossoui Douëllou, 1993 (Monogenea: Ancyrocephalidae), with special reference to the male copulatory organ Article Reference
Article Reference Evaluation of quantitative sampling methods in pleuston: An example from ostracod communities Article Reference
Article Reference Multiples oscillations during the Lateglacial as recorded in a multi-proxy, high-resolution record of the Moervaart palaeolake (NW Belgium) Article Reference
Article Reference Morphology study of the otoliths of the parrotfish, Chlorurus sordidus (Forsska˚l, 1775) and Hipposcarus harid (Forsska˚l, 1775) from the Red Sea coast of Egypt (Family: Scaridae) Article Reference
Article Reference GEMAS: Cadmium distribution and its sources in agricultural and grazing land soil of Europe - original data versus clr-transformed data Article Reference
Article Reference A new inioid (Cetacea, Odontoceti, Delphinida) from the Miocene of Peru and the origin of modern dolphin and porpoise families Article Reference
Article Reference De berberschijf Eldonia berbera Article Reference
Article Reference Gergithoides Schumacher, 1915 in Vietnam, with two new species and taxonomic notes on the genus (Hemiptera: Fulgoromorpha: Issidae) Article Reference
Article Reference Review of the clavatus group of the lanternfly genus Pyrops (Hemiptera: Fulgoromorpha: Fulgoridae) Article Reference
Article Reference The cochlea of the enigmatic pygmy right whale Caperea marginata informs mysticete phylogeny Article Reference
Article Reference An apparent mutualism between afrotorpical ant species sharing the same nest. Article Reference
Article Reference Notes on Oriental Asilidae with six new species from Vietnam (Diptera: Brachycera) Article Reference
Article Reference Nieuwe en interessante vondsten van boktorren (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) in de omgeving van Brussel Article Reference
Article Reference The anatomy and phylogenetic affinities of Cynthiacetus peruvianus, a large Dorudon-like basilosaurid (Cetacea, Mammalia) from the late Eocene of Peru Article Reference
Article Reference The Early Miocene odontocete Araeodelphis natator Kellogg, 1957 (Cetacea; Platanistidae), from the Calvert Formation of Maryland, U.S.A. Article Reference
Article Reference Morphometry and DNA barcoding reveal cryptic diversity in the genus Enteromius (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae) from the Congo basin, Africa Article Reference
Article Reference A survey of the bushmeat trade of the straw-coloured fruit bat (Eidolon helvum Kerr, 1792) at Maele Island (Kisangani city, Democratic Republic of the Congo) Article Reference
Article Reference Lasioglossum (Evylaeus) cleome, nouvelle espèce d'abeille de l'Afrique du Nord (Hymenoptera: Apoidea: Halicitidae) Article Reference
Article Reference Fungi in raw insect and arachnid taxa containing species used in human entomophagy: a review Article Reference

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