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Olivier S Pauwels, Toussaint Biyogho Bi Essono II, Piero Carlino, Laurent Chirio, Bas Huijbregts, Thomas E Leuteritz, Dominique Rousseaux, Elie Tobi, Christian Vigna, and Wim Van Neer (2017)

Miscellanea Herpetologica Gabonica VII

Bulletin of the Chicago Herpetological Society, 52(1):1-7.

We present new Gabonese locality records, ecological data or unpublished museum material for Crocodylus niloticus (Crocodylidae), Trionyx triunguis (Trionychidae), Agama lebretoni (Agamidae), Hemidactylus fasciatus and H. mabouia (Gekkonidae), Gastropholis echinata (Lacertidae), Trachylepis albilabris (Scincidae), Afrotyphlops angolensis (Typhlopidae), Dipsadoboa viridis, Hapsidophrys smaragdinus, Toxicodryas pulverulenta (Colubridae), Naja melanoleuca (Elapidae), Lamprophis olivaceus, Psammophis cf. phillipsii (Lamprophiidae), Natriciteres fuliginoides (Natricidae), Causus lichtensteinii and C. maculatus (Viperidae). We document predation cases by Hapsidophrys smaragdinus on Hemidactylus mabouia and Trachylepis albilabris, by Naja melanoleuca on Sclerophrys regularis (Anura: Bufonidae) and by Psammophis cf. phillipsii on Phrynobatrachus auritus (Anura: Phrynobatrachidae), and consumption of Arius latiscutatus (Siluriformes: Ariidae) and Tragelaphus spekii (Cetartiodactyla: Bovidae) by Crocodylus niloticus. We add one, two and one snake species, respectively, to Estuaire, Moyen-Ogooué and Nyanga provinces’ reptile lists. We add four reptile species to the list for Wonga-Wongué Presidential Reserve. We refer all records of Agama agama in Gabon to A. picticauda.
Open Access, International Redaction Board
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