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Coen-Aubert, M., 2000. 
Stratigraphy and additional rugose corals from the Givetian Mont d’Haurs Formation in the Ardennes.  
pdf_small Bull70: 5-23

Gouwy, S. & Bultynck, P. 2000.
Graphic correlation of Frasnian sections (Upper Devonian) in the Ardennes, Belgium.  
pdf_small Bull. 70: 25-52

Casier, J.G., Devleeschouwer, X., Lethiers, F., Préat, A. & Racki, G. 2000.
Ostracods and sedimentology of the Frasnian-Famennian boundary beds in the Kostomloty section (Holy Cross-Mountains, Poland). 
pdf_small Bull70: 53-74

Sartenaer, P. 2000. 
Phacoiderhynchus, a new middle Famennian rhynchonellid genus from the Anti-Atlas, Morocco, and Phacoiderhynchidae n. fam. 
pdf_small Bull. 70: 75-88

Baraboshkin, E.J. & Mikhailova, I.A. 2000.
New and poorly known Valanginian ammonites from south-west Crimea.
pdf_small Bull. 70: 89-120

Collins, J.S.H., Fraaye, R.H.B. & Jagt, J. 2000.
First record of the homolid crab Hoplitocarcinus gibbosus (Schlüter, 1879) from the Lower Campanian of Belgium. 
pdf_small Bull. 70: 121-127

Simon, E. 2000.
Upper Campanian brachiopods from the Mons Basin (Hainaut, Belgium) : the brachiopod assemblage from the Belemnitella mucronata Zone.
pdf_small Bull. 70: 129-160

Mulder, E.W.A., Bardet, N., Godefroit, P. & Jagt, J. 2000.
Elasmosaur remains from the Maastrichtian type area, and a review of the latest Cretaceous Elasmosaurs (Reptilia, Plesiosauroidea). 
pdf_small Bull. 70: 161-178

Nolf, D. & Girone, A. 2000. 
Coelorinchus stellaris n. sp. (poisson macrouridé) de l’Oligocène terminal d’Aquitaine et son intérêt paléobiogéographique.
pdf_small Bull. 70: 179-184

Brzobohaty, R. & Nolf, D. 2000. 
Diaphus Otoliths from the European Neogene (Myctophidae, Teleostei).
pdf_small Bull. 70: 185-206

Orban, R., Polet, C., Semal, P. & Leguèbe, A. 2000.
La stature des Néolithiques mosans. 
pdf_small Bull70: 207-222

Hatert, F., Deliens, M., Houssa, M. & Coune, F. 2000.
Native gold, native silver, and secondary minerals in the quartz veins from Bastogne, Belgium. 
pdf_small Bull. 70: 223-229