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RBINS Staff Publications 2022

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 354 references in this bibliography folder.

Librado, P, Khan, N, Fages, A, Kusliy, M, Suchan, T, Tonasso-Calvière, L, Schiavinato, S, Alioglu, D, Fromentier, A, Perderaeu, A, Aury, J, Gaunitz, C, Chauvey, L, Seguin-Orlando, A, Der Sarkissian, C, Southon, J, Shapiro, B, Tishkin, A, Kovalev, A, Alquraishi, S, Alfarhan, A, Al-Rasheid, K, Seregély, T, Klassen, L, Iversen, R, Bignon-Lau, O, Bodu, P, Olive, M, Castel, J, Boudadi-Maligne, M, Alvarez, M, Germonpré, M, and al., e (2021).
The origins and spread of domestic horses from the Western Eurasian steppes
Nature, 598:634-640.

Martens, L, Stassen, P, Steurbaut, E, and Speijer, R (2021).
Mid-latitudinal tropical conditions during the Early Eocene Climatic Optimum: Reconstruction of a coastal paleoenvironment in the southern North Sea Basin
7 th Geologica Belgica Meeting, September 15-17, Africa Museum, Tervuren, Belgium. , Abstract Book:204-205.

Mavraki, N, Degraer, S, and Vanaverbeke, J (2021).
Offshore wind farms and the attraction–production hypothesis: insights from a combination of stomach content and stable isotope analyses

Montereale Gavazzi, G, Kapasakali, DA, Kerchof, F, Deleu, S, Degraer, S, and Van Lancker, V (2021).
Subtidal Natural Hard Substrate Quantitative Habitat Mapping: Interlinking Underwater Acoustics and Optical Imagery with Machine Learning
Remote sensing, 13(4608):1-19.

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