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Rogério Silva, Felipe Martello, Rodrigo Feitosa, Otávio Silva, Lívia do Prado, Carlos Brandão, Emília de Albuquerque, Maria Morini, Jacques Delabie, Erison dos Santos Monteiro, Agripino Emanuel Oliveira Alves, Alexander Wild, Alexander Christianini, Alexandre Arnhold, Alexandre Casadei Ferreira, Aline Oliveira, Alvaro Santos, Alvaro Galbán, Amanda de Oliveira, Amanda Subtil, Amanda Dias, Ana de Carvalho Campos, Ana Waldschimidt, André Freitas, Andrea Avalos, Andreas Meyer, Andrés Sánchez-Restrepo, Andrew Suarez, Anselmo Souza, Antônio Queiroz, Antônio Mayhé-Nunes, Ariel da Cruz Reis, Benedito Lopes, Benoit Guénard, Bhrenno Trad, Bianca Caitano, Boris Yagound, Brenda Pereira-Silva, Brian Fisher, Brisa Tavares, Bruna Moraes, Bruno Filgueiras, Carin Guarda, Carla Ribas, Carlos Cereto, Carlos Esbérard, Carlos Schaefer, Carolina Paris, Cecília Bueno, Chaim Lasmar, Cinthia da Costa-Milanez, Cladis Lutinski, Claudia Ortiz-Sepulveda, Claudia Wazema, Cléa Mariano, Corina Barrera, Cristian Klunk, Daniel Santana, Darío Larrea, Débora Rother, Débora Souza-Campana, Débora Kayano, Diego Alves, Diego Assis, Diego Anjos, Eder França, Eduardo Santos, Elisangela Silva, Éliton Santos, Elmo Koch, Emely Siqueira, Érica Almeida, Erica Araujo, Erick Villarreal, Erin Becker, Ernesto de Oliveira Canedo-Júnior, Esperidião Santos-Neto, Evan Economo, Évellyn Araújo-Oliveira, Fabiana Cuezzo, Fabrício Magalhães, Felipe Neves, Felix Rosumek, Fernanda Dorneles, Fernando Noll, Filipe Arruda, Flávia Esteves, Flavio Ramos, Flávio Garcia, Flávio de Castro, Francisco Serna, Frederico Marcineiro, Frederico Neves, Gabriela do Nascimento, Gabriela de Figueiredo Jacintho, Gabriela Camacho, Genesio Ribeiro, Giselle Lourenço, , Maurice Leponce, , and Milton C Ribeiro (2022)

ATLANTIC ANTS: a data set of ants in Atlantic Forests of South America

Ecology, 103(2):e03580.

Abstract Ants, an ecologically successful and numerically dominant group of animals, play key ecological roles as soil engineers, predators, nutrient recyclers, and regulators of plant growth and reproduction in most terrestrial ecosystems. Further, ants are widely used as bioindicators of the ecological impact of land use. We gathered information of ant species in the Atlantic Forest of South America. The ATLANTIC ANTS data set, which is part of the ATLANTIC SERIES data papers, is a compilation of ant records from collections (18,713 records), unpublished data (29,651 records), and published sources (106,910 records; 1,059 references), including papers, theses, dissertations, and book chapters published from 1886 to 2020. In total, the data set contains 153,818 ant records from 7,636 study locations in the Atlantic Forest, representing 10 subfamilies, 99 genera, 1,114 ant species identified with updated taxonomic certainty, and 2,235 morphospecies codes. Our data set reflects the heterogeneity in ant records, which include ants sampled at the beginning of the taxonomic history of myrmecology (the 19th and 20th centuries) and more recent ant surveys designed to address specific questions in ecology and biology. The data set can be used by researchers to develop strategies to deal with different macroecological and region-wide questions, focusing on assemblages, species occurrences, and distribution patterns. Furthermore, the data can be used to assess the consequences of changes in land use in the Atlantic Forest on different ecological processes. No copyright restrictions apply to the use of this data set, but we request that authors cite this data paper when using these data in publications or teaching events.

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