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RBINS Staff Publications 2022

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 40 references in this bibliography folder.

Bader, C, Mallet, C, Chahoud, J, Amane, A, De Cupere, B, Berthon, R, Lavenne, F, Mohaseb, A, Davoudi, H, Albesso, M, Fathi, H, Vuillien, M, Lesur, J, Helmer, D, Gourichon, L, Hanotte, O, Mashkour, M, Vila, E, and Cucchi, T (2022).
Are petrous bones just a repository of ancient biomolecules? Investigating biosystematic signals in sheep petrous bones using 3D geometric morphometrics
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 43:103447.

Baeye, M, Purkiani, K, de Stigter, H, Gillard, B, Fettweis, M, and Greinert, J (2022).
Tidally Driven Dispersion of a Deep-Sea Sediment Plume Originating from Seafloor Disturbance in the DISCOL Area (SE-Pacific Ocean)
Geosciences, 12(8).

Bertozzo, F, Bolotsky, I, Bolotsky, Y, Poberezhskiy, A, Ruffell, A, Godefroit, P, and Murphy, E (2022).
A pathological ulna of Amurosaurus riabinini from the Upper Cretaceous of Far Eastern Russia
Historical Biology, 2022:1-8.

Bispo, A, Willenz, P, and Hajdu, E (2022).
Diving into the unknown: fourteen new species of haplosclerid sponges (Demospongiae: Haplosclerida) revealed along the Peruvian coast (Southeastern Pacific)
Zootaxa, 5087(2):201-252.

Breure, AS, Roosen, MT, and Ablett, JD (2022).
Land and freshwater molluscs of mainland Ecuador: an illustrated checklist
Iberus, 40(1):1-290.

Buckley, M, Harvey, V, Petiffer, D, Russ, H, Wouters, W, and Van Neer, W (2022).
Medieval fish remains on the Newport ship identified by ZooMS collagen peptide mass fingerprinting
Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, 14(3):41.

Cincotta, A, Nicolaï, M, Campos, HBN, McNamara, M, D'Alba, L, Shawkey, MD, Kischlat, E, Yans, J, Carleer, R, Escuillié, F, and Godefroit, P (2022).
Pterosaur melanosomes support signalling functions for early feathers

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Sex in the city: uncovering sex-specific management of equine resources from prehistoric times to the modern period in France
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 41.

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The tempo of cetacean cranial evolution
Current Biology, 32:1-15.

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Cranial osteology of Hypoptophis (Aparallactinae: Atractaspididae: Caenophidia), with a discussion on the evolution of its fossorial adaptations
Journal of Morphology, 283(4):510-538.

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Hydrobiologia, 849:1743-1762.

Devillet, G, Sun, Y, Li, H, and Smith, T (2022).
A new partial skeleton of Kryptobaatar from the Upper Cretaceous of Bayan Mandahu (Inner Mongolia, China) relaunch the question about variability in djadochtatherioid multituberculate mammals
Cretaceous Research, 130:105041 (17 pages).

Drumont, A, Dahan, L, Ignace, D, Limbourg, P, and Raemdonck, H (2022).
Nouvelles données pour le genre Euplectus Leach, 1817 en Belgique (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Pselaphinae)
Lambillionea, 122(2):75-78.

Dufrasnes, J, Doyen, J, Goemaere, E, Lallemand, J, Leblois, E, and Picavet, P (2022).
Prospections sur la « villa gallo-romaine du Sart », au lieu-dit La Hamaide, à Hautrage (B).
Bulletin de la Société tournaisienne de Géologie, Préhistoire et Archéologie, XVII(6/7):177-242.

Dulière, V, Guillaumot, C, Lacroix, G, Saucède, T, López-Farran, Z, Danis, B, Schön, I, and Baetens, K (2022).
Dispersal models alert on the risk of non-native species introduction by Ballast water in protected areas from the Western Antarctic Peninsula
Diversity and Distributions, 00:1-18.

Fettweis, M, Schartau, M, Desmit, X, Lee, BJ, Terseleer, N, Van der Zande, D, Parmentier, K, and Riethmüller, R (2022).
Organic Matter Composition of Biomineral flocs and Its Influence on Suspended Particulate Matter Dynamics Along a Nearshore to Offshore Transect
Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, 127:e2021JG006332.

Galeta, P, Lázničková-Galetová, M, Sablin, M, and Germonpré, M (2022).
Morphological differences between putative Paleolithic dogs and wolves: A commentary to Janssens et al. (2021)
The Anatomical Record:1-8.

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The EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030: Opportunities and challenges on the path towards biodiversity recovery
Environmental Science & Policy, 127:263-271.

Ho, QN, Fettweis, M, Spencer, K, and Lee, BJ (2022).
Flocculation with heterogeneous composition in water environments: A review
Water Research, 213:118147.

Krajcarz, M, Van Neer, W, Krajcarz, M, Popović, D, Baca, M, De Cupere, B, Goffette, Q, Küchelmann, H, Gręzak, A, Iwaszczuk, U, Ottoni, C, Van de Vijver, K, Wilczyński, J, Mulczyk, A, Wiejacki, J, Makowiecki, D, and Bocherens, H (2022).
Stable isotopes unveil one millennium of domestic cat paleoecology in Europe
Scientific Reports, 12(1):12775.

Laboury, A, Bennion, R, Thuy, B, Weis, R, and Fischer, V (2022).
Anatomy and phylogenetic relationships of Temnodontosaurus zetlandicus (Reptilia: Ichthyosauria)
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society.

Lambert, O, Wanzenböck, G, Pfaff, C, Louwye, S, Kriwet, J, and Marx, F (2022).
First eurhinodelphinid dolphin from the Paratethys reveals a new family of specialised echolocators
Historical Biology.

Marinova, E, Devos, Y, Speleers, L, and Modrie, S (2022).
59. The peat profile of Rue des Boîteux–Rue d’Argent (BR295), Senne valley, Brussels (Belgium)
Grana, 61(3):238-240.

Mullens, N, Sonet, G, Virgilio, M, Goergen, G, Janssens, SB, De Meyer, M, and Jordaens, K (2022).
Systematics of Afrotropical Eristalinae (Diptera: Syrphidae) using mitochondrial phylogenomics
Systematic Entomology, 47:315-328.

Pauwels, OS, Meesook, W, Kunya, K, Donbundit, N, and Sumontha, M (2022).
A new Four-clawed Gecko from limestone hills in Lopburi Province, central Thailand (Squamata, Gekkonidae: Gehyra)
Zootaxa, 5115(4):511-531.

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