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RBINS Staff Publications 2022

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 7 references in this bibliography folder.

Baeye, M, Purkiani, K, de Stigter, H, Gillard, B, Fettweis, M, and Greinert, J (2022).
Tidally Driven Dispersion of a Deep-Sea Sediment Plume Originating from Seafloor Disturbance in the DISCOL Area (SE-Pacific Ocean)
Geosciences, 12(8).

Bispo, A, Willenz, P, and Hajdu, E (2022).
Diving into the unknown: fourteen new species of haplosclerid sponges (Demospongiae: Haplosclerida) revealed along the Peruvian coast (Southeastern Pacific)
Zootaxa, 5087(2):201-252.

Breure, AS, Roosen, MT, and Ablett, JD (2022).
Land and freshwater molluscs of mainland Ecuador: an illustrated checklist
Iberus, 40(1):1-290.

Clavel, B, Lepetz, S, Chauvey, L, Schiavinato, S, Tonasso-Calvière, L, Liu, X, Fages, A, Khan, N, Seguin-Orlando, A, Der Sarkissan, C, Clavel, P, Estrada, O, Alioğlu, D, Gaunitz, C, Aury, J, Barme, M, Bodu, P, Olive, M, Bignon-Lau, O, Castel, J, Boudadi-Maligne, M, Boulbes, N, Bourgois, A, Decanter, F, Foucras, S, Frère, S, Gardeisen, A, Jouanin, G, Méla, C, Morand, N, Nieto Espinet, A, Perdereau, A, Putelat, O, Rivière, J, Robin, O, Salin, M, Valenzuela-Lamas, S, Vallet, C, Yvinec, J, Wincker, P, and Orlando, L (2022).
Sex in the city: uncovering sex-specific management of equine resources from prehistoric times to the modern period in France
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 41.

Devillet, G, Sun, Y, Li, H, and Smith, T (2022).
A new partial skeleton of Kryptobaatar from the Upper Cretaceous of Bayan Mandahu (Inner Mongolia, China) relaunch the question about variability in djadochtatherioid multituberculate mammals
Cretaceous Research, 130:105041 (17 pages).

Vicari, D, Sabin, R, Brown, R, Lambert, O, Bianucci, G, and Meloro, C (2022).
Skull morphological variation in a British stranded population of false killer whale (Pseudorca crassidens): a 3D geometric morphometric approach
Canadian Journal of Zoology, 100:119-132.

Hendrickx, F, De Corte, Z, Sonet, G, Van Belleghem, SM, Köstlbacher, S, and Vangestel, C (2021).
A masculinizing supergene underlies an exaggerated male reproductive morph in a spider
Nature Ecology & Evolution, early on-line.

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