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RBINS Staff Publications 2020

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 578 references in this bibliography folder.

De Cupere, B and Wouters, W (2020).
Analyse van de dierlijke resten uit de laat-middeleeuwse site van de Grote Markt van Diksmuide (West-Vlaanderen)
rapport 2020-02 ed.

De Cupere, B, Ervynck, A, and De Clercq, W (2020).
Het Menapisch varken: de terugkeer van een lang verdwenen huisdier?
Signa, 20:41-44.

De Groote, K, Schynkel, E, De Buyser, F, Lentacker, A, Ervynck, A, Thieren, E, and Van Neer, W (2020).
Het Woestijnegoed en het kasteel van Woestijne
In: Aalter-Woestijne. Een geschiedenis van meer dan 5000 jaar, ed. by De Groote, K., Van de Vijver, M. . Agentschap Onroerend Erfgoed, chap. 8, pp. 269-343. Relicta Mongrafieën 18.

De Keyzer, EL, Masilya Mulungula, P, Alunga Lufungula, G, Amisi Manala, C, Andema Muniali, A, Bashengezi Cibuhira, P, BasShema Muhemurahonga Bishobibiri, A, Bashonga Rafiki, A, Hyangya Lwikitcha, B, Hugé, J, Itulamya, C, Huyghe, CE, Itulamya Kitungano, C, Janssens de Bisthoven, L, Kakogozo Bombi, J, Kamakune Sabiti, S, Kiriza Katagata, I, Kwibe Assani, D, Lubunga Dunia, P, Lumami Kapepula, V, Lwachaa, F, Mazambi Lutete, J, Shema Muhemura, F, Milec, LJ, Milenge Kamalebo, H, Mulimbwa N’Sibula, T, Mushagalusa Mulega, A, Muterezi Bukinga, F, Muzumani Risasi, D, Mwenyemali Banamwezi, D, Kahindo N’djungu, J, Nabintu Bugabanda, N, Ntakobajira Karani, J, Raeymaekers, JA, Riziki Walumona, J, Safari Rukahusa, R, Vanhove, MP, Volckaert, FA, Wembo Ndeo, O, and Van Steenberge, M (2020).
Local perceptions on the state of the pelagic fisheries and fisheries management in Uvira, Lake Tanganyika, DR Congo
Journal of Great Lakes Research, 46(6):1740-1753.

De Schutter, L (2020).
Brug en toegangspoort tot kasteel

De Troyer, N, Eurie Forio, MA, Roels, K, De Meester, L, Lemmens, P, Declerck, SAJ, Martens, K, and Goethals, P (2020).
Key management rules for agricultural alpine newt breeding ponds based on habitat suitability models
Global Ecology and Conservation.

de Winter, NJ, Ullmann, C, Sörensen, A, Thibault, N, Goderis, S, Van Malderen, SJ, Snoek, C, Goolaerts, S, Vanhaecke, F, and Claeys, P (2020).
Shell chemistry of the Boreal Campanian bivalve Rastellum diluvianum (Linnaeus, 1767) reveals temperature seasonality, growth rates and life cycle of an extinct Cretaceous oyster.
Biogeosciences, 17:2897-2922.

Deckers, J, Louwye, S, and Goolaerts, S (2020).
The internal division of the Pliocene Lillo Formation: correlation between Cone Penetration Tests and lithostratigraphic type sections
Geologica Belgica, 23(3-4):333-343.

Declercq, AM, Lauwaert, B, Delbare, D, Nevejan, N, Degraer, S, and Kerkhove, TRH (2020).
The first Belgian Flat Oyster Day on November 24, 2020: Report of the online event
No source specified

Decrée, S, Batista, M, Oliveira, D, and et al, ea (2020).
In: Mineral Exploration Symposium.

Decrée, S, Cawthorn, G, Deloule, E, Mercadier, J, Frimmel, H, and Baele, J (2020).
Unravelling the processes controlling apatite formation in the Phalaborwa Complex (South Africa) based on combined cathodoluminescence, LA-ICPMS and in-situ O and Sr isotope analyses.
Contributions to Mineralogu and Petrology, 175(4)(1-31).

Decrée, S, Savolailen, M, Mercadier, J, Debaille, V, Höhn, S, Frimmel, H, and Baele, J (2020).
Geochemical and spectroscopic investigation of apatite in the Siilinjärvi carbonatite complex: Keys to understanding apatite forming processes and assessing potential for rare earth elements.
Applied Geochemistry(123): 104778.

Deforce, K (2020).
Anthracologisch onderzoek van twee houtskoolbranderskuilen uit Ardooie - Sprietstraat + Stene
KBIN, Onderzoeksprogramma 'Mens en Milieu in het Quartair'(Rapport 2020-01).

Deforce, K (2020).
Anthracologisch onderzoek van acht Romeinse crematiegraven uit Damme - Stakendijke
KBIN, Onderzoeksprgramma 'Mens en Milieu in het Quartair'(rapport 2020-12).

Deforce, K (2020).
Anthracologisch onderzoek van twee houtskoolbranderskuilen uit Herzele - Solderhout
KBIN, Onderzoeksprogramma 'Mens en Milieu in het Quartair'(rapport 2020-09).

Deforce, K, Bastiaens, J, Crombé, P, Deschepper, E, Haneca, K, Laloo, P, Van Calster, H, Verbrugghe, G, and De Clercq, W (2020).
Dark Ages woodland recovery and the expansion of beech. A study of land use changes and related woodland dynamics during the Roman to Medieval transition period in northern Belgium
Netherlands Journal of Geosciences , 99:e12.

Degraer, S and Rumes, B (2020).
Fit for porpoise? Assessing the effectiveness of underwater sound mitigation measures
Memoirs on the Marine Environment:29-41.

Degraer, S, Brabant, R, Rumes, B, and Vigin, L (2020).
Environmental impacts of offshore wind farms in the Belgian part of the North Sea: Emperical evidence inspiring priority monitoring, research and management
Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences.

Degraer, S, Carey, D, Coolen, J, Hutchison, Z, Kerckhof, F, Rumes, B, and Vanaverbeke, J (2020).
Offshore wind farm artificial reefs affect ecosystem structure and functioning: A synthesis
Oceanography, 33(4):49-57.

First observations in Belgium of the introduced ‘minute hooded beetle’ Arthrolips fasciata (Erichson, 1842) (Coleoptera: Corylophidae)
Bulletin de la Société royale belge d'Entomologie / Bulletin van de Koninklijke Belgische Vereniging voor Entomologie, 156:193-200.

Delabie, J, Koch, E, Dodonov, P, Caitano, B, DaRocha, W, Jahyny, B, Leponce, M, Majer, J, and Mariano, C (2020).
Sampling and analysis methods for ant diversity assessment
In: Measuring arthropod diversity: a handbook of sampling methods, ed. by Santos, Jean Carlos and Fernandez, Geraldo Wilson, pp. 13-54, Springer, Cham.

Delcourt, J, Delvaux, D, Beudels Jamar, R, Devillers, P, Lafontaine, R, Vangeluwe, D, and Poncin, P (2020).
Support to the Black Grouse population reinforcement in Belgium: Report on the 2020 restocking operation of the last Belgian breeding population of Black Grouse in the Hautes Fagnes Nature Reserve, within the Hautes Fagnes (High Fens) Natural Park
ULiège & RBINS.

Delongueville, C and Scaillet, R (2020).
Présence ignorée de Aplus assimilis (Reeve, 1846) (Gastropoda, Pisaniidae) en Méditerranée pendant quatre décennies
Novapex, 21(4):111-115.

Delongueville, C and Scaillet, R (2020).
La Mer de Barents
Novapex/Société, 21(1):8-17.

Delongueville, C and Scaillet, R (2020).
A propos de quelques Raphitomidae (Neogastropoda: Conoidea) de Bretagne, en Mer d’Iroise et en Manche (France)
Novapex, 21(1):35-41.

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