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RBINS Staff Publications 2020

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 578 references in this bibliography folder.

Cattelain, P, Smolderen, A, Gillard, M, Cauwe, N, Cattelain, L, Collin, J, Goemaere, E, Goffette, Q, Horevoets, M, and Polet, C (2020).
Viroinval/Treignes : campagne de fouilles 2019 à la grotte Genvier.
Chronique de l’Archéologie Wallonne, 28:225-229.

Chapman, T, Tilleux, C, Polet, C, Hastir, J, Coche, E, and Lemaitre, S (2020).
Validating the probabilistic sex diagnosis (DSP) method with a special test case on Pre-Columbian mummies (including the famous Rascar Capac)
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 30:102250.

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Palaeontology, 2020:1-23.

Claes, J, Salabao, L, Hooker, Y, Gonzalez, PA, Schön, I, and Kochzius, M (2020).
In depth exploration of the biodiversity of asterozoan fauna in Admiralty Bay and Bransfield Strait, Antarctic Peninsula
Abstracts of XXVI SCAR 2020, Hobart, Australia.

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Deciphering mollusc shell production: the roles of genetic mechanisms through to ecology, aquaculture and biomimetics
Biological Reviews, 95:1812-1837.

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Distribution and paleoenvironmental framework of middle Miocene marine vertebrates along the western side of the lower Ica Valley (East Pisco Basin, Peru)
Journal of Maps:1-11.

Collareta, A, Lambert, O, de Muizon, C, Benites-Palomino, A, Urbina, M, and Bianucci, G (2020).
A new physeteroid from the late Miocene of Peru expands the diversity of extinct dwarf and pygmy sperm whales (Cetacea: Odontoceti: Kogiidae)
Comptes Rendus Palevol, 19(5):79-100.

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Taxonomic databases should reflect, and not substitute, published scientific literature and community consensus: some observations on WoRMS and barnacles
Integrative Zoology, 15(6):626-628.

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SISALv2: a comprehensive speleothem isotope database with multiple age–depth models
Earth System Science Data, 12(4):2579-2606.

Constant, J (2020).
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Belgian Journal of Entomology, 95:1-13.

Constant, J and Semeraro, L (2020).
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Belgian Journal of Entomology, 107:1-18.

Copping, A, Gorton, A, May, R, Bennet, F, DeGeorge, E, Repas Goncalves, M, and Rumes, B (2020).
Enabling Renewable Energy While Protecting Wildlife: An Ecological Risk-Based Approach to Wind Energy Development Using Ecosystem-Based Management Values
Sustainability, 12(22).

Copping, A, Gorton, A, May, R, Bennet, F, Rumes, B, and De George, E (2020).
IEA Wind White Paper on A Risk-Based Approach for Addressing Wind and Wildlife Interactions Using Ecosystem-Based Management Values
IEA Wind, white paper.

CREST, C (2020).
Final Scientific Report. Take home messages and project results. Jaak Monbaliu, Tina Mertens, Annelies Bolle, Toon Verwaest, Pieter Rauwoens, Erik Toorman, Peter Troch and Vincent Gruwez (Editors)
VLIZ, VLIZ Special Publication #85(154 pp).

Crocetta, F, Houart, R, and Bonomolo, G (2020).
The More You Search, the More You Find: A New Mediterranean Endemism of the Genus Ocenebra Gray, 1847 (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Muricidae) from a Submarine Cave of the Messina Strait Area (Italy)
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 8(443).

Daniel, A, Laës-Huon, A, Barus, C, Beaton, A, Blandfort, D, Guigues, N, Knockaert, M, Munaron, D, Salter, I, Woodward, E, Greenwood, N, and Achterberg, E (2020).
Toward a Harmonization for Using in situ Nutrient Sensors in the Marine Environment
Frontiers in Marine Science, 6:773.

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Antarctic biology: scale matters
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Onshore archives of tsunami deposits
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De Batist, M, Heyvaert, V, Hubert-Ferrari, A, Fujiwara, O, Yokoyama, Y, Brückner, H, Goes, E, Garrett, E, Kempf, P, Lamair, L, Nakamura, A, Shishikura, M, Miyairi, Y, Yamamoto, S, Obrochta, S, and Riedesel, S (2020).
Paleo-tsunami and earthquake records of ruptures along the Nankai Trough, offshore South-Central Japan (QuakeRecNankai).
Belgian Science Policy Office , Final report.

De Broyer, C (2020).
de GERLACHE de GOMERY, Gaston, Adolphe, Auguste, baron, explorateur polaire, aviateur, docteur en droit, dirigeant de sociétés, né à Ixelles le 17 novembre 1919, décédé à Mullem le 13 juillet 2006.
In: Nouvelle Biographie Nationale, ed. by Comité de la Biographie Nationale. Académie Royale des Sciences, de Lettres et des Beaux-Arts de Belgique, vol. 15, chap. no chapter indicated, pp. 85-88.

De Cupere, B (2020).
Analyse van de dierlijke resten uit de vroegmiddeleeuwse landelijke site Het Kamp in Gentbrugge (Oost-Vlaanderen)
KBIN, Onderzoeksprogramma 'Mens en Milieu in het Quartair'(rapport 2020-03).

De Cupere, B and Wouters, W (2020).
Analyse van de dierlijke resten uit de laat- en postmiddeleeuwse site van de Nieuwstraat, Veurne (West-Vlaanderen)
KBIN, Onderzoeksprogramma 'Mens en Milieu in het Quartair'(rapport 2020-13).

De Cupere, B and Wouters, W (2020).
Analyse van de dierlijke resten uit de middeleeuwse-postmiddeleeuwse site Vleminckveld in Antwerpen
KBIN, Onderzoeksprogramma 'Mens en Milieu in het Quartair'(rapport 2020-04).

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