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RBINS Staff Publications 2018

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 577 references in this bibliography folder.

De Tré, G, De Mol, R, van Heteren, S, Stafleu, J, Chademenos, V, Missiaen, T, Kint, L, Terseleer, N, and Van Lancker, V (2018).
Data quality assessment in volunteered geographic decision support
In: Mobile informations systems leveraging volunteered geographic information for earth observation, ed. by Bordogna G an P Carrara. Springer, Cham, Switserland, chap. 9, pp. 173-192. Earth systems data and models.

De Wolf, K, Smitz, N, Deblauwe, I, Vanslembrouck, A, Meganck, K, Gombeer, S, Van Bourgonie, Y, Verlé, I, Schneider, A, De Witte, J, Dekoninck, W, Backeljau, T, De Meyer, M, and Van Bortel, W (2018).
The state of the art of the exotic mosquito species in Belgium: new invasion pathways detected.
In: E-SOVE 2018, the 21st European Society for Vector Ecology conference, “Arthropod Vector Science for the benefit of society: Educate, Empathize, Engage”, 22-26 October 2018, Palermo, Italy, pp. 167, European Society for Vector Ecology.

Debacker, T, Piessens, K, Ferket, H, Laenen, B, Ten Veen, J, Meyer, R, De Mesquita Lobo Veloso, F, Diepolder, G, Salamon, M, Jaehne-Klingberg, F, Colbach, R, De Nil, K, Deckers, J, Doornenbal, H, Le Guenan, T, Vanbrabant, Y, Van Damme, M, and Welkenhuysen, K (2018).
GeoConnect³d Cross-border, cross-thematic multiscale framework for combining geological models and data for resource appraisal and policy support: WP3 - Roer-to-Rhine (R2R)
In: GeoERA Kick off meeting, Brussels, July 2018.

Deblauwe, I, De Wolf, K, Smitz, N, Verlé, I, Schneider, A, De Witte, J, Vanslembrouck, A, Dekoninck, W, Meganck, K, Gombeer, S, Van Bourgonie, Y, Backeljau, T, De Meyer, M, Van Bortel, W, and Pollet, M (2018).
Belgium on the lookout for exotic mosquito species (Diptera: Culicidae).
In: Abstracts volume. 9th International Congress of Dipterology, 25–30 November 2018, Windhoek, Namibia., ed. by Kirk-Spriggs, A.H. & Muller, B.S., pp. 65, International Congresses of Dipterology.

Debusschere, E, Rumes, B, Goossens, J, Reubens, J, and Deneudt, K (2018).
Towards a qualitative spatial sensor network for long term observation of harbour porpoise
VLIZ, Presentation.

Declercq, P, Walstra, J, and Devleeschouwer, X (2018).
25 years of ground subsidence related to groundwater pumping for breweries in Belgium
In: Geologica Belgica 2018.

Decrée, S, Boulvais, P, Tack, L, André, L, and Baele, J (2018).
Fluorapatite deposit in a carbonatitic environment: processes and prospects.
In: Phosphate Days , ed. by Ben Guerir (Morocco), vol. Abstract book.

Decrée, S, Herwartz, D, Mercadier, J, Mijan, I, de Buffrénil, V, Leduc, T, and Lambert, O (2018).
The post-mortem history of a bone revealed by its trace element signature: The case of a fossil whale rostrum
Chemical Geology, 477:137-150.

Decrée, S, Ihlen, P, Schiellerup, H, Hallberg, A, Demetriades, A, Raha, M, and Soesoo, A (2018).
The potential of phosphate and associated Critical Raw Materials: A perspective for Europe
Phosphate Days 2018, Ben Guerir (Morocco), vol. Abstract book.

Decrée, SAP (2018).
Supergene Processes in Sedimentary Basins
Gordon Research Conference “Geochemistry of Mineral Deposits - Mineralizing Processes Across All Scales”, Waterville Valley (USA), vol. Abstract book.

Degraer, R, Brabant, R, Rumes, B, and Vigin, L (2018).
Environmental Impacts of Offshore Wind Farms in the Belgian Part of the North Sea: Assessing and Managing Effect Spheres of Influence
Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences.

Dejean, A, Compin, A, Leponce, M, Azémar, F, Bonhomme, C, Talaga, S, Pelozuelo, L, Hénaut, Y, and Corbara, B (2018).
Ants impact the composition of the aquatic macroinvertebrate communities of a myrmecophytic tank bromeliad
Comptes Rendus Biologies.

Dejean, A, Orivel, J, Leponce, M, Compin, A, Delabie, J, Azémar, F, and Corbara, B (2018).
Ant–plant relationships in the canopy of an Amazonian rainforest: the presence of an ant mosaic
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 125:344-354.

Dejean, A, Petitclerc, F, Azemar, F, Pelozuelo, L, Talaga, S, Leponce, M, and Compin, A (2018).
Aquatic life in Neotropical rainforest canopies: Techniques using artificial phytotelmata to study the invertebrate communities inhabiting therein
Comptes Rendus Biologies, 341:20-27.

DEJONGHE, L (2018).
Notice explicative de la carte géologique Troisvierges N°1 à 1:25000
Bulletin du Service géologique du Luxembourg(18):5-40.

DEJONGHE, L (2018).
Feuille N°1 Troisvierges. Carte géologique du Luxembourg à 1/25 000
Service géologique du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg.

Dekoninck, A, Moussi, B, Vennemann, T, Jamoussi, F, Mattielli, N, Decrée, S, Chaftar, R, Hatira, N, and Yans, J (2018).
Mixed hydrothermal and meteoric fluids evidenced by unusual H- and O-isotope compositions of kaolinite-halloysite in the Fe(-Mn) Tamra deposit (Nefza district, NW Tunisia)
Applied Clay Science, 163.

Dekoninck, W, Van Kerkvoorde, M, Van Nieuwenhuyse, L, and Lemahieu, I (2018).
Zeldzame loopkevers ontdekt tijdens 1000-soorten weekend in 2017
De Torenvalk, 2:10-14.

Dekoninck, W, Van Kerkvoorde, M, Van Nieuwenhuyse, L, and Zorgati, P (2018).
Recent records of the very rare European carabid beetle Dyschirius (Eudyschirius) semistriatus (Dejean, 1825) (Coleoptera: Carabidae)
Bulletin de la Societé royale belge d'Entomologie, 154:176-182.

Dekoninck, W, Van Kerkvoorde, M, Van Nieuwenhuyse, L, Baert, L, Declerck, F, and Defoort, S (2018).
Insecten in de Swal in Koekelare, Deel 1 : een nieuwe mierensoort voor West-Vlaanderen
De Knotwilg, 2(4):34-36.

Dekoninck, W, Van Kerkvoorde, M, Van Nieuwenhuyse, L, De Baere, D, Lambrechts, J, and Baert, L (2018).
De spinnenfauna van enkele heidegebieden nabij Brugge. Deel 1. Bemonsteringen 2014-2015
Nieuwsbrief Belgisch Arachnologische Vereniging, 33(3):133-149.

Denayer, J, Mottequin, B, Prestianni, C, and Poty, E (2018).
Event stratigraphy accross the Devonian-Carboniferous – New views from the shelf
In: 5 th International Paleontological Congress Paris, Abstract volume, pp. 791.

Derycke, S, Kever, L, Herten, K, Van den Berge, K, Van Steenberge, M, Van Houdt, J, Clement, L, Poncin, P, Parmentier, E, and Verheyen, E (2018).
Neurogenomic Profiling Reveals Distinct Gene Expression Profiles between Brain Parts that are Consistent in Ophthalmotilapia Cichlids
Frontiers in Neuroscience, 12:136.

Desmit, X and Van der Zande, D (2018).
Signature patterns of chlorophyll a variability in the Greater North Sea

Desmit, X and Van der Zande, D (2018).
Signature patterns of chlorophyll a variability in the Greater North Sea

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