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Louis de Bonis, Floréal Solé, Yaowalak Chaimanee, Aung N Soe, Chit Sein, Vincent Lazzari, Olivier Chavasseau, and Jean-Jacques Jaeger (2018)

New hyaenodonta (Mammalia) from the middle Eocene of Myanmar

Comptes Rendus Palevol, 17:357-365.

The middle Eocene Pondaung Formation in Myanmar has yielded a rich mammalian faunaincluding several Primate taxa. Hyaenodonta are known by the genera Kyawdawia, Yarshea,Orienspterodon, and two other indeterminate taxa. We describe here new material of Kyaw-dawia, including some morphological details, a new species of the hypercarnivorous genusPropterodon and an indeterminate species, different from those described earlier in Myan-mar, and characterized by a reduction of m3 and would belong to a third lineage with thesame evolutionary trend as Galecyon and the Limnocyoninae. The hyainailourines (Orien-spterodon) and hyaenodontines (Propterodon) are recorded for the first time in SoutheastAsia and these subfamilies appeared in quasi the same time in Europe illustrating probablya profound change in the carnivorous fauna among Laurasia.
Peer Review, Impact Factor
Mammalia, Paleontology

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