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RBINS Staff Publications 2018

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 577 references in this bibliography folder.

Desmit, X, De Cauwer, K, Van der Zande, D, Bonne, W, and Lacroix, G (2018).
MSFD – D5 Eutrophication
In: Studiedag ‘Hoe gezond is onze Noordzee’ (24 May 2018, Ostende, Belgium).

Desmit, X, Thieu, V, Billen, G, Campuzano, F, Dulière, V, Garnier, J, Lassaletta, L, Ménesguen, A, Neves, R, Silvestre, M, Sobrinho, J, and Lacroix, G (2018).
Reducing marine eutrophication may require a paradigmatic change
Science of the Total Environment, 635:1444-1466.

Desmit, X, Thieu, V, Lassaletta, L, Dulière, V, Campuzano, F, Ménesguen, A, Silvestre, M, Garnier, J, Sobrinho, J, Pinto, L, Gypens, N, Neves, R, Billen, G, and Lacroix, G (2018).
Social, economic and cultural options to recover from eutrophication
In: 4th International Symposium on Research and Management of Eutrophication in Coastal Ecosystems (EUTRO 2018), 18-20 June 2018, Nyborg, Denmark.

Destexhe, G and Goemaere, E (2018).
Vestiges d’un habitat du second âge du Fer à Verlaine « Plantation Buttiens » (prov. De Liège, Belgique).
Lunula, 26:149-157.

Destexhe, G, Witvrouw, J, Goemaere, E, Collette, O, Challe, S, Gava, J, Jaminon, A, and Hens, J (2018).
Un tronçon de la voie romaine Metz-Arlon-Tongres à Yernawe (Commune de Saint-Georges, Province de Liège).
Bulletin du Cercle archéologique Hesbaye-Condroz, 33:81-100.

Devleeschouwer, X, Meyvis, B, and Agniel, M (2018).
Brustrati3D, the creation of a 3D ArcGIS model of the subcrop of the Brussels Region.
In: UBLG-BLUG workshop on 3D and voxels models in geology, Brussels, April 19, 2018.

Devos, Y, Vrydaghs, L, Speleers, L, and Ball, TB (2018).
Middeleeuwse landbouw in Brussel: een natuurwetenschappelijke kijk (BHG)
Archaeologia Medievalis Kroniek, 41:129-131.

Dewaele, L, Lambert, O, and Louwye, S (2018).
A late surviving Pliocene seal from high latitudes of the North Atlantic realm: the latest monachine seal on the southern margin of the North Sea
PeerJ, 6:e5734.

Dewaele, L, Lambert, O, and Louwye, S (2018).
A critical revision the fossil record, stratigraphy and diversity of the Neogene seal genus Monotherium (Carnivora, Phocidae)
Royal Society Open Science, 5:171669.

Dewaele, L, Lambert, O, Laurin, M, De Kock, T, Louwye, S, and de Buffrénil, V (2018).
Generalized osteosclerotic condition in the skeleton of Nanophoca vitulinoides, a dwarf seal from the Miocene of Belgium
Journal of Mammalian Evolution.

Dewaele, L, Peredo, C, Meyvisch, P, and Louwye, S (2018).
Diversity of late Neogene Monachinae (Carnivora, Phocidae) from the North Atlantic, with the description of two new species
Royal Society Open Science, 5:172437.

Di Celma, C, Malinverno, E, Collareta, A, Bosio, G, Gariboldi, K, Lambert, O, Landini, W, Pierantoni, PP, Gioncada, A, Villa, I, Coletti, G, de Muizon, C, Urbina, M, and Bianucci, G (2018).
Facies analysis, stratigraphy and marine vertebrate assemblage of the lower Miocene Chilcatay Formation at Ullujaya (Pisco basin, Peru)
Journal of Maps, 14(2):257-268.

Diaz, A and Martens, K (2018).
On Argentodromas bellanella gen. nov., sp. nov. (Crustacea, Ostracoda) from a stream in northern Argentina (South America). 
Zoological Studies, 57:10.

Diez Diaz, V, Garcia, G, Pereda-Suberbiola, X, Jentgen-Ceschino, B, Stein, K, Godefroit, P, and Valentin, X (2018).
The titanosaurian dinosaur Atsinganosaurus velauciensis (Sauropoda) from the Upper Cretaceous of southern France: New material, phylogenetic affinities, and palaeobiogeographical implications
Cretaceous Research, 91:429-456.

Do, C and Drumont, A (2018).
A new species of Aegolipton Gressitt, 1940 from Vietnam (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Prioninae)
Les Cahiers Magellanes, 29:65-71.

Dreesen, R (2018).
Natuursteen in het Romeinse badhuis van Heerlen, Nederlands Limburg
Signa, 7:81-92.

Dreesen, R (2018).
Lithologisch-petrografische beschrijving van de stenen fragmenten van de interieurdecoraties
In: Het archeologisch en bouwhistorisch onderzoek van de O.L.V.-basiliek van Tongeren (1997-2013) Deel 4: De laat-Romeinse en vroegmiddeleeuwse periode, ed. by Alain Vanderhoeven, Anton Ervynck . Agentschap Onroerend Erfgoed, vol. 14, chap. n.a., pp. n.a. Relicta Monografieën .

Dreesen, R (2018).
Herkomst van de natuursteen in de Romeinse gebeeldhouwde stenen en opschriften
In: Het archeologisch en bouwhistorisch onderzoek van de O.L.V.-basiliek van Tongeren (1997-2013). Deel 3: De vroeg-Romeinse periode, ed. by Vanderhoeven A. & Ervynck A. . Agentschap Onroerend Erfgoed, vol. 13, chap. n.a., pp. n.a. Relicta Monografieën.

Dreesen, R (2018).
Natuursteen in de Romeinse thermen van Heerlen (Nederlands Limburg)
In: Romeinendag, Gallo-Romeins Museum, Tongeren, 28 april 2018.

Dreesen, R (2018).
Geodiversity reflected in the built environment: geotourism initiatives in the province of Limburg, Belgium
In: Making Victorian Dublin Conference, Dublin, Ireland,9th-10th February 2018 .

Dreesen, R, De Ceukelaire, M, and Ruppiené, V (2018).
On the Roman use of "Belgian marbles" in the civitas Tungrorum and beyond
In: Roman Ornamental Stones in Western Europe, ed. by Coquelet, C.. SPW/DG04, Namur, vol. 14, chap. x, pp. 25-50. Etudes et Documents, Monuments et Sites.

Dreesen, R, Dusar, M, and Debonne, V (2018).
Stony migrants in Bruges’ port landscape during medieval times
In: Conference 'Ad Brudgias Portum: Bruges' medieval port system as a maritime cultural landscape', Bruges, 24-26 October 2018.

Dreesen, R, Dusar, M, and Doperé, F (2018).
Update of the natural building stone atlas for Belgian Limburg.
In: 6th Geologica Belgica Meeting 2018, Leuven, 12-14.9.2018, Abstracts Theme 7, Geologica Belgica.

Dreesen, R, Hartoch, E, Doperé, F, Driesen, P, Francis, S, Gluhak, T, and Goemaere, E (2018).
Stone architectural elements, decorations, querns and millstones
In: A residential area in the Roman City of Atuatuca Tungrorum. Excavations on the Museum site in Tongeren. , ed. by Petra Driesen. Gallo-Romeins Museum, Tongeren, vol. 8, chap. n.a., pp. 46-69. Atuatica.

Dreesen, R, Poty, E, Denaeyer, J, Mottequin, B, and Marion, J (2018).
“Pierre de Meuse”, an exceptional historical heritage stone from the Meuse valley, Belgium
In: Pierre à Pierre II. Colloque international. Economie de la pierre dans la vallée de la Meuse et dans les régions limitrophes (1er s. Av. J.-C. – XVIIe s.), Université de Namur, Namur & Dinant, 6-8 December 2018.

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