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Inproceedings Reference Using DNA barcodes for assessing diversity of dance flies (Diptera: Empidoidea) and as a basis for phylogenetic research
Located in Library / RBINS Staff Publications
Proceedings Reference Using DNA barcodes for diversity assessment in Hybotidae (Diptera, Empidoidea)
Located in Library / RBINS Staff Publications
Inproceedings Reference Using Fibre-Optic DAS surveying to de-risk a shallow geothermal energy storage site in Brussels, Belgium
Europe is working hard to meet its first climate goals. With High Temperature Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (HT-ATES) large quantities of green energy can be stored in the subsurface in the form of heat. It is important that a site is characterised well as leakage from the reservoir would degrade the efficiency of the system, and could also endanger potable water supplies. Seismic imaging is currently the method with highest resolution and the largest de-risking capability for geothermal projects. This study pursues the use of fibre-optic distributed acoustic sensing (FO-DAS) technology in seismic acquisition to improve the de-risking ability of seismic data in urban HT-ATES settings. In 2019 TNO and GSB combined a dense surface based high resolution seismic survey with a FO-DAS VSP survey on a potential ATES site in the city of Brussels, Belgium. Besides the technology demonstration, targets were aquifer + seal continuity and depth away from the well as well as acoustic velocity of the sediment overburden for H/V Spectral Ratio calibration. The intermediate result indicates that with FO-DAS it is possible to image the subsurface relatively easy, fast, at low cost and with low environmental impact, even in busy seismically noisy urban areas.
Located in Library / RBINS Staff Publications 2020
Inproceedings Reference Using Historical Imagery and GIS for Reconstructing the Ancient Landscapes of Khuzestan (SW Iran)
Located in Library / RBINS Staff Publications
Inproceedings Reference Using molecular techniques to identify organisms of policy concern: Some examples from the BopCo project
Located in Library / RBINS Staff Publications 2016
Inproceedings Reference Using PSI for assessing ground subsidence risk in the Scheldt estuary
Located in Library / RBINS Staff Publications
Inproceedings Reference Using social media as a tool to increase geoscience awareness in Belgium
A social media campaign to increase geoscience awareness was organised as part of the celebrations of 125 years of the Geological Survey of Belgium (GSB). This action was motivated by the perception within the geoscientific community that although our field is key for sustainable societal development, there is a lack of interest in it from the overall public, particularly younger generations. In Belgium, for example, this is evidenced by dropping numbers of geoscience students in universities as reported by regional media over the last 5 years. Our awareness campaign highlights 125 geoscience-related facts that were thought to be curious and/or thought-provoking, aiming to demonstrate that geosciences have been and will be widely present in humanity’s past, present and future. Geo-facts have been produced as short communications in English, Dutch and French, with at least one accompanying illustrative image, and posted on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Set to end in December 2022, the campaign has reached over 200,000 views and greatly increased the number of non-geoscientist followers and their engagement with GSB’s social media. We believe that the multilingual material tagged with #125GSBGeoFacts could be further valorised as a teaching tool and has significant potential to be expanded.
Located in Library / RBINS Staff Publications 2022
Conference Reference Using the 3D Coupled Physical-Biological Model MIRO&CO-3D to Assess Diatom-Phaeocystis Colony Blooms in the Southern Bight of the North Sea and the Response to Short-Term Climatic and Nutrient Changes.
Located in Library / RBINS Staff Publications
Article Reference Utilisation des dimensions dentaires en Anthropologie physique
Located in Library / No RBINS Staff publications
Inproceedings Reference Utilisation des propriétés antigéniques du collagène dans la détermination taxonomique de l'os
Located in Library / RBINS Staff Publications