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Sidonie Preiss, Aurélie Salavert, and Mona Court-Picon (ed.) (2013)

The Middle Ages archaeobotanical data in Wallonia (southern Belgium): a review

School of History and Archaeology Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece, 16th Conference of the International Work Group for Palaeoethnobotany.

Since the spring of 2011, a multidisciplinary team of bioarchaeology was established at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (IRSNB-KBINS). This team collaborates with the Public Service of Wallonia (SPW) and works on all “preventive archaeological sites” excavated in Wallonia (Southern Belgium). The majority of sites studied since the beginning of the implementation of this new service are dated to the medieval period. For several years, archaeobotanical studies were conducted more specific in Wallonia but rarely combined with other scientific studies and published. The purpose of this presentation is to review all existing archaeobotanical data for the medieval period in the Wallonia region and add those recently made by the new collaborations between archaeobotanists of the Institute (including seeds and fruit studies, wood charcoals studies, pollens studies and so one...). We can thus have an overview of the status and the nature of vegetation cover during this period of history and we can also have an approach of plant species harvested and consumed by medieval populations of current southern Belgium.
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