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RBINS Staff Publications 2020

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 379 references in this bibliography folder.

Zhao, X, Wang, F, Verheyden, S, Liu-zeng, J, and Zhang, G (2020).
Earthquake-related speleothem damages: observations from the 2008 Mw 7.9 Wenchuan, China
Geomorphology, 358:107130.

Baeteman, C and Bogemans, F (2019).
In Search of a Harbour in the Past Landscapes of Tell Tweini. Identification of Sedimentary Environments in Support of an Archaeological Issue
In: About Tell Tweini (Syria): Artefacts, Ecofacts and Landscape, ed. by Bretschneider, J. & Jans, G. . Peeters Publishers, Leuven, vol. 281, chap. 13, pp. 619 - 637. (ISBN: 978-90-429-3678-2).

Tanhua, T, Pouliquen, S, Hausman, J, O’Brien, K, Bricher, P, de Bruin, T, Buck, JJH, Burger, EF, Carval, T, Casey, KS, Diggs, S, Giorgetti, A, Glaves, H, Harscoat, V, Kinkade, D, Muelbert, JH, Novellino, A, Pfeil, B, Pulsifer, PL, Van de Putte, A, Robinson, E, Schaap, D, Smirnov, A, Smith, N, Snowden, D, Spears, T, Stall, S, Tacoma, M, Thijsse, P, Tronstad, S, Vandenberghe, T, Wengren, M, Wyborn, L, and Zhao, Z (2019).
Ocean FAIR Data Services
Frontiers in Marine Science , 6:440.

Vanderhaegen, K, Naturinda, Z, Kouakou, LMM, Vanderheyden, A, and Dekoninck, W (2019).
First record of the invasive longhorn crazy ant, Paratrechina longicornis (Latreille, 1802) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) from Mt. Elgon, eastern Uganda
BioInvasions Records, 8(3):505-514.

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