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Husband, R.W. 1986.
New taxa of Podapolipidae (Acarina) from S. African Coleoptera: Result of the Namaqualand-Namibia Expedition of the King Leopold III Foundation for the exploration and protection of nature (1980).
pdf_small Bull. 56: 5-14

Desender, K. 1986.
Investigations on Coleoptera Communities in different habitats. II. The Carabid fauna from "Les Hautes Fagnes" (Mont Rigi,  Belgium).
pdf_small Bull. 56: 15-21

Marlier, G. 1986.
Sur une petite collection de Trichoptères du Niger.
pdf_small Bull. 56: 23-24

Van Stalle, J. 1986.
New and interesting Cixiidae (Homeoptera, Fulgoroidea) from the Cameroon Highlands.
pdf_small Bull. 56: 25-33

Medler, J.T. 1986.
Types of Flatidae (Homoptera) V. Lectotype designations and taxonomic notes on species in the Brussels Museum.
pdf_small Bull. 56: 35-40

Maldonado Capriles, J. 1986.
Designation of lectotypes from New World reduviid syntypes in the "Institut royal des Sciences naturelles de Belgique" (Insecta: Hemiptera).
pdf_small Bull. 56: 41-44

Fain, A. 1986.
Myocoptes (Omyocoptes) queenslandicus spec. nov. (Acari Myocoptidae) parasite d'un rongeur australien.
pdf_small Bull. 56: 45-47 

Fain, A. 1986.
Deux nouveaux hypopes d'Acaridae (Acari).
pdf_small Bull. 56: 49-54

Fain, A. & Lukoschus, F.S. 1986.
Michaelopus tridens spec. nov. (Acari Acaridae) from a North American rodent.
pdf_small Bull. 56: 55-57

Curfs, J.H.A.J., Lukoschus, F.S. & Fain, A. 1986.
Species differentation in the genus Radfordia Ewing, 1938 (Acarina Prostigmata Myobiidae) from South African Aethomys species (Mammalia Rodentia Muridae) (1). Results of the Namaqualand-Namibia Expedition of the King Leopold III Foundation for the Exploration and Protection of Nature (1980).
pdf_small Bull. 56: 59-66

Barlet, J. 1986.
Morphologie des régions sternopleurals métathoracique et abdominale d'une larve de tenthrède.
pdf_small Bull. 56: 67-83

Grootaert, P. & De Meyer, M. 1986.
On the taxonomy and ecology of Nephrocerus Zetterstedt (Diptera, Pipunculidae) with a redescription of N. lapponicus and a key to the European species.
pdf_small Bull. 56: 85-91

Baert, L. & Maelfait, J.P. 1986.
A contribution to the knowledge of the spider fauna of Galapagos (Ecuador).
pdf_small Bull. 56: 93-123