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M. Walters, E. Figueiredo, N.R. Crouch, P.J.D. Winter, G.F. Smith, H.G. Zimmermann, and B.K. Mshope (2011)

Naturalised and invasive succulents of southern Africa

ABC TAXA, 11:1-370.

Language: English Audience: beginning and advanced botanists Geographic scope: South Africa Taxonomic scope: Invasive succulents plants (Agavaceae, Aizoaceae, Basellaceae, Cactaceae, Commelinaceae, Crassulaceae, Dracaenaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Lamiaceae, Montiaceae, Phytolaccaceae, Portulacaceae, Talinaceae, Urticaceae) Habitat type: The seven terrestrial biomes of South Africa (Forrest, Fynbos, Grassland, Nama Karoo, Savanna, Succulent Karoo, Thicket)

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