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Bibliographic References

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 47 references in this bibliography folder.

Carvalho Schaeffner, VC (2018).
Part 5. Host-parasite list.
ABC TAXA, 18:361-402.

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Part 3. Basic methods to study fish parasites.
ABC TAXA, 18:51-134.

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Part 4. A systematic survey of the parasites of freshwater fishes in Africa.
ABC TAXA, 18:135-360.

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Part 2. Fish as hosts of parasites, their ecology and sampling.
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Part 7. Prospects and recommendations.
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Part 1. History of fish parasitology in Africa.
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Part 6. Evolutionary parasitology of African freshwater fishes and its implications for the sustainable management of aquatic resources.
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Chapter 7. Organizing specimen and tissue preservation techniques in the field for subsequent molecular analyses.
ABC TAXA, 8:129-157.

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