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RBINS Staff Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 6851 references in this bibliography folder.

Baeye, M and Fettweis, M (2015).
In situ observations of turbidity plumes at on offshore wind farm
In: VLIZ Marine Young Scientists' day 2015.

Baimey, H, Zadji, L, Afouda, L, Moens, M, and Decraemer, W (2015).
Influence of pesticides, soil temperature and moisture on entomopathogenic nematodes from southern Benin and control of underground termite nest populations
Nematology, 17:1057-1069.

Balian, E and Eggermont, H (2015).
Outputs of the Clustering Workshop „Improving the Science-Policy Interface of BiodivERsA funded projects: how to develop relevant clustered policy briefs and other potential collaborations among projects”, Brussels June 23-24, Belspo. BiodivERsA report, 2
No source specified

Barbut, L, Delerue-Ricard, S, Vanden Bavière, A, Robbens, J, Volckaert, F, and Lacroix, G (2015).
Integrating field data to parametrize a larval transport model of sole and improve knowledge on recruitment and connectivity
In: WK on Connectivity in the ocean – observing, modeling and assessing (Tjärnö, Sweden, 28th May 2015).

Barbut, L, Vanden Bavière, A, Delerue-Ricard, S, Robbens, J, Volckaert, F, and Lacroix, G (2015).
Calibration of a sole larval transport model using ICES survey assessments
In: 39th Annual Larval Fish Conference (ALFC2015). Vienna, Austria, 12-17/07/2015.

Barco, A, Marshall, B, Houart, R, and Oliverio, M (2015).
Molecular phylogenetics of Haustrinae and Pagodulinae (Neogastropoda: Muricidae) with a focus on New Zealand species
Journal of Molluscan Studies, 81:476-488.

Basset, Y, Cizek, L, Cuenoud, P, Didham, RK, Novotny, V, Odegaard, F, Roslin, T, Tishechkin, AK, Schmidl, J, Winchester, NN, Roubik, DW, Aberlenc, HP, Bail, J, Barrios, H, Bridle, JR, Castano-Meneses, G, Corbara, B, Curletti, G, Duarte da Rocha, W, De Bakker, D, Delabie, JH, Dejean, A, Fagan, LL, Floren, A, Kitching, RL, Medianero, E, Gama de Oliveira, E, Orivel, J, Pollet, M, Rapp, M, Ribeiro, SP, Roisin, Y, Schmidt, JB, Sorensen, L, Lewinsohn, TM, and Leponce, M (2015).
Arthropod Distribution in a Tropical Rainforest: Tackling a Four Dimensional Puzzle
PLoS One, 10(12):e0144110.

Beerten, K, Bogemans, F, Heyvaert, VM, and Vandenberghe, D (2015).
Sandy aeolian deposits from the Gent Formation (Flanders, Belgium): lithostratigraphy, geomorphology and age. XIX Inqua congress, Nagoya, Japan.

Bernard, M and Edouard, P (2015).
Kellwasser horizons, sea-level changes and brachiopod–coral crises during the late Frasnian in the Namur–Dinant Basin (southern Belgium): a synopsis.
In: Devonian Climate, Sea Level and Evolutionary Events, ed. by Becker, R.T., Königshof, P. & Brett, C.. Geological Society London, vol. 423, chap. 0, pp. 16. Geological Society, London, Special Publications.

Bernard, M and Eric, S (2015).
Diversity of athyridide brachiopods during the Late Devonian–Tournaisian in southern Belgium.
STRATA, série 1, communications, 16:103-104.

Bernard, M and Julien, D (2015).
Pridolian–Lochkovian macrofaunas from southern Belgium and northern France: de Koninck (1876) revisited.
STRATA, série 1, communications, 16:101-102.

Bernard, M, Julien, D, Edouard, P, and Xavier, D (2015).
Middle to Upper Frasnian succession, Kellwasser events and the Frasnian–Famennian boundary in the Namur– Dinant Basin (Belgium)
In: IGCP 596– SDS Symposium, Field Guides: The Devonian and Lower Carboniferous successions in southern Belgium, ed. by Denayer, J., Mottequin, B. & Prestianni, C., pp. 21-42, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences and University of Liège.

Bernard, M, Julien, D, Peter, K, Cyrille, P, and Sébastien, O (2015).
IGCP 596– SDS Symposium, Brussels (September 20-22, 2015), Abstracts.
vol. 16 STRATA, Série 1, Communications.

Bernard, M, Julien, D, Peter, K, Cyrille, P, and Sébastien, O (2015).
IGCP 596– SDS Symposium, Brussels (September 20-22, 2015), Abstracts.
In: 2015. IGCP 596– SDS Symposium, Brussels (September 20-22, 2015), Abstracts., ed. by Mottequin, B., Denayer, J., Königshof, P., Prestianni, C. & Olive, S., vol. 16, pp. 1-157. STRATA, Série 1, Communications.

Beyer, B, Chapman, T, Sholukha, V, Semal, P, Feipel, V, Louryan, S, and Van Sint Jan, S (2015).
Géométrie et morphométrie des côtes : de Kebara 2 à l’humain moderne
Morphologie, 99(326):96.

Bianucci, G, Di Celma, C, Landini, W, Post, K, Tinelli, C, de Muizon, C, Gariboldi, K, Malinverno, E, Cantalamessa, G, Gioncada, A, Collareta, A, Salas-Gismondi, R, Varas-Malca, R, Urbina, M, and Lambert, O (2015).
Distribution of fossil marine vertebrates in Cerro Colorado, the type locality of the giant raptorial sperm whale Livyatan melvillei (Miocene, Pisco Formation, Peru)
Journal of Maps.

Bianucci, G, Urbina, M, and Lambert, O (2015).
A new record of Notocetus vanbenedeni (Squalodelphinidae, Odontoceti, Cetacea) from the early Miocene of Peru
Comptes Rendus Palevol, 14(1):5-13.

Birchenough, SN, Reiss, H, Degraer, S, Mieszkowska, N, Borja, A, Buhl-Mortensen, L, Braeckman, U, Craeymeersch, J, De Mesel, I, Kerckhof, F, Kröncke, I, Parra, S, Rabaut, M, Schröder, A, Van Colen, C, Van Hoey, G, Vincx, M, and Wätjen, K (2015).
Climate change and marine benthos: a review of existing research and future directions in the North Atlantic
WIREs Clim Change.

Bocherens, H, Drucker, D, Germonpré, M, Lázničková-Galetová, M, Naito, Y, Wissing, C, Brůžek, J, and Oliva, M (2015).
Reconstruction of the Gravettian food-web at Predmosti I using multi-isotopic tracking (13C, 15N, 34S) of bone collagen
Quaternary International, 359-360:211-228.

Boevé, J (2015).
Multimodal defensive strategies in larvae of two Hemichroa sawfly species
Journal of Hymenoptera Research, 46:25-33.

Bohoussou, K, Cornette, R, Akpatou, B, Colyn, M, Kerbis Peterhans, J, Kennis, J, Sumbera, R, Verheyen, E, N'Goran, E, Katuala, P, and Nicolas, V (2015).
Patterns of diversification and historical biogeography of the Afrotropical rodent genus malacomys (Rodentia, Muridae)
Journal of Biogeography.

Bokma, F, Godinot, M, Maridet, O, Ladevèze, S, Costeur, L, Solé, F, Gheerbrant, E, Peigné, S, Jacques, F, and Laurain, M (2015).
Testing for Depéret’s Rule (body size increase) in Mammals using Combined Extinct and Extant Data
Systematic Biology.

Boone, CK, Grégoire, J, and Drumont, A (2015).
Cerambycidae attracted to semiochemicals used as lures for Monochampus spp. in the Sonian Forest, Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium (Insecta: Coleoptera)
Bulletin de la Société royale Belge d'Entomologie, 151:122-133.

Borremans, M, Ampe, C, Debacker, T, Deckers, S, De Ceukelaire, M, Deronde, B, De Schepper, S, De Vos, K, De Vos, W, Dewaele, S, Dusar, M, Fettweis, M, Finke, P, Gauthier, A, Geets, S, Houthuys, R, Jacobs, P, Laga, P, Lagrou, D, Langohr, R, Louwye, S, Martens, C, Mathys, M, Piessens, K, Poesen, J, Steurbaut, E, Vandenberghe, N, Van Lancker, V, Van Ranst, E, Verniers, J, and Welkenhuysen, K (2015).
Geologie van Vlaanderen
Academia Press.

Bos, J, Bosselaers, M, and van Nieulande, F (2015).
Aphrocallistes, een Neogene fossiele spons uit het Schelde-estuarium en van het strand van Nieuwvliet
Grondboor & Hamer, 69(4):140-143.

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