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RBINS Staff Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 6851 references in this bibliography folder.

Mottequin, B (2019).
An annotated catalogue of types of Silurian–Devonian brachiopod species from southern Belgium and northern France in the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (1870–1945), with notes on those curated in other Belgian and foreign institutions
Geologica Belgica, 22(1-2):47-89.

Vanslembrouck, A and Dekoninck, W (2019).
Desktopstudie en monitoring van adulte knijten langsheen de Schelde in het kader van preventie en bestrijding van hoge aantallen knijten. Rapport ANB: advies knijten Scheldevallei: 1-53
No source specified

Brzobohaty, R and Nolf, D (2018).
Revision of the Middle Badenian fish otoliths from the Carpathian Foredeep in Moravia (Middle Miocene, Czech Republic
Cybium, 42(2):143-167.

Denayer, J, Mottequin, B, Prestianni, C, and Poty, E (2018).
Event stratigraphy across the Devonian–Carboniferous boundary – New views from the shelf.
5th International Paleontological Congress Paris, Abstract volume:791.

Goffette, Q (2018).
Oiseaux des villes, oiseaux des champs. Réflexions sur le rôle des espaces ruraux dans l’approvisionnement en oiseaux des zones urbanisées au Moyen Âge.
In: Archaeologia Mediaevalis, Gent, 15-16/03/2018.

Goffette, Q (2018).
Oiseaux et sociétés humaines de la préhistoire à nos jours
In: Séminaire, Université de Liège, 26/03/2018.

Goffette, Q (2018).
Avian resources in Medieval and Modern Belgium
In: 9th Bird Working Group meeting, Sheffield (UK), 8-11/06/2018.

Goffette, Q (2018).
Impact of the introduction of turkey on poultry husbandry in Northwestern Europe
In: Workshop ‘Exploring the transatlantic history of the turkey through archaeological evidence’, York (UK), 12/06/2018.

Nolf, D (2018).
Otoliths of fishes from the North Sea and the English Channel
Fauna of Belgium, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels, Belgium, 277 pp. ed.

Nolf, D (2018).
Otolithes des poissons de la Mer du Nord et de la Manche
Faune de Belgique, Institut royal des Sciences naturelles de Belgique, Brussels, Belgium, 277 pp. ed.

Nolf, D and Rundle, A (2018).
Les otolithes de poissons du Paléocène et de l’Yprésien basal de la bordure méridionale du Bassin de la Mer du Nord et de ses dépendances (Bassin de Londres, Belgique, Bassin de Paris)
Bulletin d’Information des Géologues du Bassin de Paris, 55(3):12-46.

Preiss, S, Court-Picon, M, Goffette, Q, Herremans, D, and Mignot, P (2018).
Il était une fois Clairefontaine : le quotidien des nonnes d’une abbaye cistercienne au 18ème siècle.
In: 13e rencontres d’archéobotanique, Besse (France), 27/02-02/03/2018.

Collareta, A, Marean, CW, Jerardino, A, and Bosselaers, M (2017).
Cetopirus complanatus (Cirripedia: Coronulidae) from the late Middle Pleistocene human settlement of Pinnacle Point 13B (Mossel Bay, South Africa)
Zootaxa, 4237(2).

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Tortonian teleost otoliths from Northern Italy : taxonomic synthesis and stratigraphic significance
European Journal of Taxonomy , 322:1-44.

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Combined Hybridization Capture and Shotgun Sequencing for Ancient DNA Analysis of Extinct Wild and Domestic Dromedary Camel
Molecular Ecology Resources , 17(2):300-313.

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Climate change and biodiversity patterns in the mid-Palaeozoic
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Body size in the ant-associated isopod Platyarthrus hoffmannseggii is host-dependent.
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 121(2(1)):305-311.

Stringer, G, Hulbert, R, Nolf, D, Roth, P, and Portell, R (2017).
A rare occurrence of matched otoliths and associated skeletal remains of Apogon townsendi (Osteichthyes) from the Caloossahatchee Formation (Lower Pleistocene) of Florida
Bulletin of the Florida Museum of Naural History, 55(4):89-103.

Baele, J, Dreesen, R, and Dusar, M (2016).
Assessing apatite cathodoluminescence as a tool for sourcing oolitic ironstones
In: Autour de l’hématite. Actes de Jambes, 7-8/02/2013, ed. by Billard C., Bosquet D., Dreesen R., Goemaere É., Hamon C., Jadin I., Salomon H. &Savary X. . Anthropologica et Praehistorica , vol. 126/2015, chap. 0, pp. 57-67.

Casier, J (2016).
The Beauchâteau Quarry in the Ardennes
In: Planet Earth in deep time, ed. by Suttner, T., Kido, E., Königshof, P., Waters, J., Davis, L. & Meener, E. . Schweizerbart Science Publishers , chap. 0, pp. 88-89. Paleozoic Series Devonian & Carboniferous.

Denayer, J, Mottequin, B, and Poty, E (2016).
Early Carboniferous marine ecosystem recovery after the Hangenberg Crisis, insight from the Tournaisian brachiopod-coral fauna from South Belgium.
In 5th International Geologica Belgica Meeting 2016, Abstract book, 26-29 January 2016:156.

Hauzeur, A, Rué, M, Roux, L, Salavert, A, and Court-Picon, M (2016).
Occupations néolithiques de plateau à Quincy-Voisins « ZAC de Ternoy » (Seine-et-Marne)
Revue Archéologique d’Île-de-France(9):75-108.

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The role of long-term human impact on avulsion and fan development
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 41(14):2137-2152.

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Towards a cross-border hydrogeological model: harmonized data integration within the H3O-projects
In: Geophysical Research Abstracts, vol. 18, pp. EGU2016-16156-2.

Lin, C, Girone, A, and Nolf, D (2016).
Fish otolith assemblages from Recent NE Atlantic sea bottoms: A comparative study of palaoecology
Paleogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 446:98-107.

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