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S. Hendrickx, B. Midant-Reynes, and W. Van Neer (2001)

Mahgar Dendera 2 (Haute Egypte), un site d’occupation badarien

Universitaire Pers Leuven. Egyptian Prehistory Monographs 3.

The site of Mahgar Dendera 2, in Upper Egypt, is the only new Badarian site excavated for over 50 years. It features a seasonal campsite, dating to about 4100 BC. The faunal remains indicate that that people arrived at the site with their flocks at the moment when the Nile was low. Because the site is located close to the Nile, this allowed them to herd their animals when grazing possibilities became scarce in the vicinity of the permanent settlement. Furthermore, they were fishing, probably in the main channel of the Nile. The site was left when the Nile started to rise, and the flooded zones became fordable and work in the fields started again. The lithic material represents a specialised industry, apparently orientated towards working perishable materials such as wood and reed. Pottery was not produced at the site itself and served largely for storage purposes. The occupation features consist of hearths, post holes and storage holes. As an important part of the site was already destroyed at the time of the salvage excavation, it was impossible to identify well defined constructions. This volume contains the final excavation report, illustrated by a large number of drawings and photo's. (text in French with English summary)
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