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RBINS Staff Publications 2024 OA

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 2 references in this bibliography folder.

Desmit, X, Schartau, M, Riethm├╝ller, R, Terseleer, N, Van der Zande, D, and Fettweis, M (2024).
The transition between coastal and offshore areas in the North Sea unraveled by suspended particle composition
Science of The Total Environment, 915.

Tilley, L, Woodburn, M, Vincent, S, Casino, A, Addink, W, Berger, F, Bogaerts, A, Smedt, S, French, L, Islam, S, Mergen, P, Nivart, A, Papp, B, Petersen, M, Santos, C, Schiller, E, Semal, P, Smith, V, and Wiltschke, K (2024).
Systematic Design of a Natural Sciences Collections Digitisation Dashboard
Research Ideas and Outcomes, 10:e118244.

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