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You are here: Home / Library / RBINS Staff Publications 2022 / The HYPERMAQ dataset: bio-optical properties of moderately to extremely turbid waters

Héloïse Lavigne, Ana Dogliotti, David Doxaran, Fang Shen, Alexandre Castagna, Matthew Beck, Quinten Vanhellemont, Xuerong Sun, Juan Gossn, Pannimpullath Renosh, Koen Sabbe, Dieter Vansteenwegen, and Kevin Ruddick (2022)

The HYPERMAQ dataset: bio-optical properties of moderately to extremely turbid waters

Earth System Science Data, 14(11):4935-4947.

Because of the large diversity of case 2 waters ranging from extremely absorbing to extremely scattering waters and the complexity of light transfer due to external terrestrial inputs, retrieving main biogeochemical parameters such as chlorophyll-a or suspended particulate matter concentration in these waters is still challenging. By providing optical and biogeochemical parameters for 180 sampling stations with turbidity and chlorophyll-a concentration ranging from 1 to 700 FNU and from 0.9 to 180 mg m−3 respectively, the HYPERMAQ dataset will contribute to a better description of marine optics in optically complex water bodies and can help the scientific community to develop algorithms. The HYPERMAQ dataset provides biogeochemical parameters (i.e. turbidity, pigment and chlorophyll-a concentration, suspended particulate matter), apparent optical properties (i.e. water reflectance from above water measurements) and inherent optical properties (i.e. absorption and attenuation coefficients) from six different study areas. These study areas include large estuaries (i.e. the Rio de la Plata in Argentina, the Yangtze estuary in China, and the Gironde estuary in France), inland (i.e. the Spuikom in Belgium and Chascomùs lake in Argentina), and coastal waters (Belgium). The dataset is available from Lavigne et al. (2022) at

PDF available, Open Access, Impact Factor, Peer Review
Publisher: Copernicus GmbH
  • DOI: 10.5194/essd-14-4935-2022
  • ISSN: 1866-3508

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