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Michiel Dusar and Noël Vandenberghe (2022)

Lithostratigraphic identification sheet Someren Member (Veldhoven Formation)

National Commission for Stratigraphy Belgium, Discussion document(1.0).

Report, Peer Review
In: De Nil, Katrien & Verhaegen, J. (eds.) 2022. Revision of the Neogene stratigraphy of Belgium, Discussion document, Version 1.0, 01/05/2022, pp. 18-20. This document is compiled by the Subcommission for Paleogene and Neogene Stratigraphy of Belgium. It provides the present status of the Lithostratigraphic Information Sheets (LIS) for the different Neogene lithostratigraphic units (formal, informal and obsolete) as discussed and identified within this subcommission. The document is the backbone for the update of the formal division of Neogene lithostratigraphy in Belgium. Units at the transition of the Oligocene to the Miocene are also included because of discussed correlations. Each sheet is compiled by several authors. The scientific background for these sheets is Vandenberghe & Louwye (2020).

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