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RBINS Staff Publications 2022 OA

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 24 references in this bibliography folder.

Bresseel, J and Constant, J (2022).
Extension of the phasmid genus Presbistus to Cambodia with a new species and notes on genitalia and captive breeding (Phasmida, Aschiphasmatidae, Aschiphasmatinae)
Journal of Orthoptera Research, 31(2):105–117.

Cocquempot, C, Henin, J, Jourez, B, Rapuzzi, P, Roques, A, and Drumont, A (2022).
État de l’invasion de Trichoferus campestris (Faldermann, 1835) au plan international et réflexion sur sa première interception en Belgique
Belgian Journal of Entomology, 129:1-24.

Constant, J and Pham, HT (2022).
The Lanternfly genus Pyrops in Vietnam: A new species from Central Vietnam, taxonomic changes, checklist, identification key (Hemiptera: Fulgoromorpha: Fulgoridae)
European Journal of Taxonomy, 813:123-154.

Constant, J and Pham, TH (2022).
First record of the lanternfly genus Limois Stål, 1863 in Vietnam with a new species, L. sonlaensis sp. nov. (Hemiptera: Fulgoromorpha: Fulgoridae)
Bonn zoological Bulletin, 71(1):9-17.

Delahaye, N, Drumont, A, and Salesne, T (2022).
Description d’une nouvelle espèce du genre Oceanomegopis Komiya & Drumont, 2009 de Nouvelle-Calédonie (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Prioninae, Aegosomatini)
Faunitaxys, 10(4):1-5.

Delongueville, C and Scaillet, R (2022).
Presence of Placiphorella atlantica (Verrill & S. I. Smith, 1882) (Polyplacophora, Mopaliidae) in the Denmark Strait (West Iceland)
Novapex, 23(1):41-44.

Esterhuyse, S, Redelinghuys, N, Charvet, P, Fearnside, P, Daga, V, Braga, R, Okello, W, Vitule, J, Verheyen, E, and Van Steenberge, M (2022).
Effects of hydrocarbon extraction on freshwaters
In: Encyclopedia of Inland Waters, ed. by No Editor. Elsevier, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, chap. NA, pp. in press.

Fettweis, M, Schartau, M, Desmit, X, Lee, B, Terseleer, N, Van der Zande, D, Parmentier, K, and Riethmüller, R (2022).
Organic Matter Composition of Biomineral Flocs and Its Influence on Suspended Particulate Matter Dynamics Along a Nearshore to Offshore Transect
Journal of Geophysical Resarch: Biogeosciences, , 172.

Goffette, Q, Suarez Gonzalez, N, Vanmechelen, R, Verheyen, E, and Sonet, G (2022).
Tracking the origin of worked elephant ivory of a medieval chess piece from Belgium through analysis of ancient DNA
International Journal of Osteoarchaeology, 32:38-48.

Hernandez, M, Bauza, MA, and Backeljau, T (2022).
Genital anatomy, jaw and radula of Guladentia subtussulcata (Helicoidea, Cepolidae), endemic to western Cuba
ZooKeys, 1080:99-106.

Houart, R and Buge, B (2022).
Noteworthy and New Muricidae (Gastropoda) Collected in the East and South China Seas and off Taiwan
Venus, 80(1-2):1-23.

Krajcarz, M, Krajcarz, M, Baca, M, Golubiński, M, Bielichová, Z, Bulatović, J, Csippán, P, Dimitrijević, V, Kyselý, R, Makowiecki, D, Marciszak, A, Marković, N, Mladenović, M, Van Neer, W, Obada, T, Živaljević, I, Bulatović, A, Ivanišević, V, Pop-Lazić, S, Mihailović, D, Ostasz, A, Penezić, K, Tasić, N, Špehar, P, Wilczyński, J, and Popović, D (2022).
The history of the domestic cat in Central Europe

Lepers, L and Legrand, S (2022).
Modelling Low Sulphur Fuel Oil Weathering
Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, IMAROS project report(D3.4).

Limbourg, P, Constant, J, and Seidel, M (2022).
Review of the Adoretini of Cambodia with six new species (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Rutelinae)
Belgian Journal of Entomology, 128:1-58.

Marshall, BA and Houart, R (2022).
New species and genera of Muricidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda) from New Zealand
Novapex, 23(1):1-26.

Pimvichai, P, Enghoff, H, and Backeljau, T (2022).
Redescription of the giant Southeast Asian millipede Spirobolus macrurus Pocock, 1893 and its assignment to the new genus Macrurobolus gen. nov. (Diplopoda, Spirobolida, Pachybolidae)
ZooKeys, 1087:1-18.

Pimvichai, P, Panha, S, and Backeljau, T (2022).
Combining mitochondrial DNA and morphological data to delineate four new millipede species and provisional assignment to the genus Apeuthes Hoffman & Keeton (Diplopoda : Spirobolida : Pachybolidae : Trigoniulinae)
Invertebrate Systematics, 36(2):91-112.

Plassais, J, vonHoldt, B, Parker, H, Carmagnini, A, Dubos, N, Papa, I, Bevant, K, Derrien, T, Hennelly, L, Whitaker, T, Harris, A, Hogan, A, Huson, H, Zaibert, V, Linderholm, A, Haile, J, Fest, T, Habib, B, Sacks, B, Benecke, N, Outram, A, Sablin, M, Germonpré, M, Larson, G, Frantz, L, and Ostrander, E (2022).
Natural and human-driven selection of a single non-coding body size variant in ancient and modern canids
Current Biology, 32(4):P889-897.

Plisnier, P, Van Steenberge, M, Verheyen, E, and 83 co-authors, w (2022).
Need for harmonized long-term multi-lake monitoring of African Great Lakes
Journal of Great Lakes Research, early on-line.

Sarbu, SM, Brad, T, Chauveau, CA, Flot, J, Galassi, DM, Galdenzi, S, Gentile, G, Iepure, S, Jones, DS, Martin, P, Montanari, A, and Stoch, F (2022).
Sulfidic Habitats in the Frasassi Caves, Italy: A Hotspot of Subterranean Biodiversity
In: 2nd International Electronic Conference on Diversity (IECD 2022)—New Insights into the Biodiversity of Plants, Animals and Microbes, 1–15 March 2022, pp. 1-6.

Terryn, Y (2022).
Further notes on H. cinerea (Born, 1778) and H. stylata (Hinds, 1844) (Conoidea: Terebridae), with the description of a new species from the Dominican Republic
Gloria Maris, 61(1):2-7.

Van Bortel, W, Van den Poel, B, Hermans, G, Vanden Driessche, M, Molzahn, H, Deblauwe, I, De Wolf, K, Schneider, A, Van Hul, N, Müller, R, Wilmaerts, L, Gombeer, S, Smitz, N, Helena Kattenberg, J, Monsieurs, P, Rosanas-Urgell, A, Van Esbroeck, M, Bottieau, E, Maniewski-Kelner, U, and Rebolledo, J (2022).
Two fatal autochthonous cases of airport malaria, Belgium, 2020
Euro Surveillance, 27(16):2100724.

Van Steenberge, M, Jublier, N, Kéver, L, Gresham, S, Derycke, S, Snoeks, J, Parmentier, E, Poncin, P, and Verheyen, E (2022).
The initial response of females towards congeneric males matches the propensity to hybridise in Ophthalmotilapia
Belgian Journal of Zoology, 152:75-97.

Yen, LH, Thai, PH, and Constant, J (2022).
A new species of Platylomia Stål, 1870 (Hemiptera: Cicadidae) from Vietnam, with a key to species
Academia Journal of Biology, 44(1):23-31.

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