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RBINS Staff Publications 2021 OA

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 40 references in this bibliography folder.

Barette, F, Roche, M, Degrendele, K, Montereale Gavazzi, G, Van Lancker, V, and De Backer, A (2021).
Mapping gradients in seafloor characteristics in the Belgian part of the North Sea: preliminary findings and way forward
In: Proceedings Geohab21 on Marine and Biological Habitat Mapping. International E-conference. 5/5/2021.

Barros, R, Piessens, K, and Team, G (2021).
GeoConnect³d: transforming geological data into a knowledge system in support of the clean energy transition
In: EGU General Assembly 2021.

Borges, A, Lambert, T, Descy, J, Darchambeau, F, Deirmendjian, L, Rolands, F, Bouillon, S, Morana, C, Soto, D, Snoeks, J, Van Steenberge, M, Decru, E, Vranken, N, Maetens, H, Diedericks, G, De Merode, E, Okello, W, Bwambale, M, Nankabirwa, A, Musinguzi, L, Nabafue, I, and Stoyneva, M (2021).
Human impacts on ecosystem health and resources of Lake Edward
Belgian Science Policy Office , Final report - Project HIPE.

Boucherie, A, Polet, C, Lefèvre, P, and Vercauteren, M (2021).
Sexing the bony labyrinth: A morphometric investigation in a subadult and adult Belgian identified sample
Journal of Forensic Sciences, 66(3):808-820.

Brabant, R, Laurent, Y, Jonge Poerink, B, and Degraer, S (2021).
The Relation between Migratory Activity of Pipistrellus Bats at Sea and Weather Conditions Offers Possibilities to Reduce Offshore Wind Farm Effects
Animals, 11(12):3457.

Cabidoche, M, Vanbrabant, Y, Bruyère, S, Stenmans, V, Meyvis, B, Goovaerts, T, Petitclerc, E, and Burlet, C (2021).
Spring Water Geochemistry: A Geothermal Exploration Tool in the Rhenohercynian Fold-and-Thrust Belt in Belgium
Geosciences, 11(437):28.

Collareta, A, Tsai, C, Coletti, G, and Bosselaers, M (2021).
Thatchtelithichnus on a Pliocene grey whale mandible and barnacles as possible tracemakers
Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie - Abhandlungen, 302(1):53-61.

Colombo, VC, Sluydts, V, Mariën, J, Vanden Broecke, B, Van Houtte, N, Leirs, W, Jacobs, L, Iserbyt, A, Hubert, M, Heyndrickx, L, Goris, H, Delputte, P, De Roeck, N, Elst, J, Ariën, KK, Leirs, H, and Gryseels, S (2021).
SARS-CoV-2 surveillance in Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus) from Antwerp sewer system, Belgium
Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, early on-line.

Cruz-Laufer, AJ, Pariselle, A, Jorissen, MW, Bukinga, FM, Al Assadi, A, Van Steenberge, M, Koblmüller, S, Sturmbauer, C, Smeets, K, Huyse, T, Artois, T, and Vanhove, MP (2021).
Somewhere I belong: phylogeny and morphological evolution in a species-rich lineage of ectoparasitic flatworms infecting cichlid fishes

Daumas, M, Chapman, T, and Louryan, S (2021).
Le Moustier 1 Neandertal – The discovery of two new sets of casts, 3D reconstruction and comparison with original fossils
Digital Applications in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, 23:e00204.

De Borger, E, Ivanov, E, Capet, A, Braeckman, U, Vanaverbeke, J, Grégoire, M, and Soetaert, K (2021).
Offshore windfarm footprint of sediment organic matter mineralization processes
Frontiers in Marine Science, 8:667.

De Brito, L and Prestianni, C (2021).

Deleu, S, Roche, M, Degrendele, K, Verstraeten, J, Vanparys, K, Montereale Gavazzi, G, Van Lancker, V, and Vandorpe, T (2021).
A stable reference area for multibeam bathymetry and backscatter: KWINTE, a dedicated quality control area in the Belgian North Sea
In: Proceedings Geohab21 on Marine and Biological Habitat Mapping. International E-conference. 5/5/2021.

Demay, L, Germonpré, M, Obadă, T, Haynes, G, Khlopachev, G, and Patou-Mathis, M (2021).
Upper Pleistocene hominins and wooly mammoths in the East European Plain.
In: Human-elephant interactions: from past to present, ed. by Konidaris, G. E., Barkai, R., Tourloukis, V., Harvati, K. (Eds.). Tübingen University Press, Tübingen, chap. 0, pp. 201-233.

Germonpré, M, Bocherens, H, Bessudnov, A, Lázničková-Galetová, M, Reynolds, N, Sablin, M, and Wißing, C (2021).
Seasonality at Middle and Upper Palaeolithic sites based on the presence and wear of deciduous premolars from nursing mammoth calves
In: Human-elephant interactions: from past to present, ed. by Konidaris, G. E., Barkai, R., Tourloukis, V., Harvati, K. (Eds.). Tübingen University Press, Tübingen, chap. 0, pp. 387-406.

Germonpré, M, Van den Broeck, M, Lázničková-Galetová, M, Sablin, M, and Bocherens, H (2021).
Mothering the Orphaned Pup: The Beginning of a Domestication Process in the Upper Palaeolithic
Human Ecology.

Grootaert, P and Ivkovic, M (2021).
First record of the daggerfly Tachypeza yinyang Papp & Földvári in Croatia (Insecta: Diptera, Hybotidae)
Natura Croatica, 29(2):293-298.

Grootaert, P, Zouhair, L, and Kettani, K (2021).
A new species of the genus Stilpon Loew, 1859 from Morocco (Diptera: Empidoidea, Hybotidae)
Belgian Journal of Entomology, 113:1-12.

Ivkovic, M, Perovic, M, Grootaert, P, and Pollet, M (2021).
High endemicity in aquatic dance flies of Corsica, France (Diptera, Empididae, Clinocerinae and Hemerodromiinae), with the description of a new species of Chelipoda
ZooKeys, 1039:177-197.

Kint, L and Van Lancker, V (2021).
Morfologische drukken in de Belgische kustwateren en kustzone. Rapport In het kader van de EU Water Framework Directive - Integrated River Basin Management for Europe
RBINS - OD Nature.

Kint, L and Van Lancker, V (2021).
Seabed substrate coding on nautical charts in the Belgian Part of the North Sea. Report, prepared for the Flemish Authorities, Flemish Hydrography.
RBINS - OD Nature.

Laforest, C and Polet, C (2021).
Analyse des ossements humains
In: Le château Renaud à Virton. Une fortification du Bas-Empire romain, ed. by Cahen-Delhaye A.. Agence Wallonne du Patrimoine, vol. 41, chap. -, pp. 448-458. Études et Documents - Archéologie.

Lamberts-Van Assche, H and Compernolle, T (2021).
Economic feasibility studies for Carbon Capture and Utilization technologies: a tutorial review
Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, 24(2):467--491.

Larsen, BB, Gryseels, S, Otto, HW, and Worobey, M (2021).
Evolution and diversity of bat and rodent Paramyxoviruses from North America
Journal of Virology, early on-line.

Liu, Y, Grootaert, P, and Yang, D (2021).
Notes on species of Hybos Meigen (Diptera: Hybotidae) from Hong Kong
Proceedings of the Russian Entomological Society. St Petersburg, 92:72-76.

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