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RBINS Staff Publications 2019

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 611 references in this bibliography folder.

Boesl, F, Engel, M, Eco, R, Galang, J, Gonzalo, L, Llanes, F, Quix, E, and Brückner, H (2019).
Boulder transport along the coast of Eastern Samar (Philippines) – implications for Holocene extreme-wave events
In: 20th INQUA Congress, Dublin, Ireland, 25-31 Jul 2019.

Boesl, F, Engel, M, Eco, RC, Galang, JA, Gonzalo, LA, Llanes, F, Quix, E, and Brückner, H (2019).
Digital mapping of coastal boulders – high-resolution data acquisition to infer past and recent transport dynamics

Boeve, J and Rozenberg, R (2019).
Berberis sawfly contains toxic peptides not only at larval stage
The Science of Nature, 106(14):4 p..

Bogemans, F, Devleeschouwer, X, Meyvis, B, and Walstra, J (2019).
Documentering van de tijdelijke ontsluiting ‘Zuidbrug Halle’
Belgische Geologische Dienst, Technisch rapport.

Bogemans, F, Heyvaert, V, Trachet, J, de Ruijsscher, D, Dumolyn, J, Louwye, S, and De Clercq, W (2019).
Introducing the project: High Tide – Low Tide. Bruges’ late-medieval harbor system as a maritime cultural landscape.
In: International Workshop "Drowned paleo-landscapes. Current archaeological and natural scientific research in the Wadden Sea and the North Sea basin", September 2019, Delmenhorst, Germany.

Bogemans, F, Heyvaert, V, Trachet, J, de Ruijsscher, D, Dumolyn, J, Louwye, S, and De Clercq, W (2019).
High Tide –Low Tide. Bruges’ late-medieval harbor system as a maritime cultural landscape -an interdisciplinary research project.
In: From the North Sea Lowlands to the Celtic Edge, 18-20 November 2019, Utrecht, Netherlands.

Borgers, B, Quinn, P, Degryse, P, De Bie, M, and Welkenhuysen, K (2019).
Roman pottery production in Civitas Tungrorum, Central Belgium, during the first-third centuries CE.

Borja, CM, Prestianni, C, and Gerrienne, P (2019).
Welcome to papers from the 4th International Meeting of Agora Paleobotanica
Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of The Royal Society of Edinburgh, 108(4):337-338.

Bosquet, D, Vanmechelen, R, Bielen, A, Delaunois, E, Devillers, C, Gérard, P, Germonpré, M, Goffette, Q, Hardy, C, Incoul, I, Lavachery, P, Loicq, S, Martin, F, Pierlot, A, Pirson, S, Polet, C, Preiss, S, Quenon, C, Ritzenthaler, S, Robert, J, Spagna, P, Van Buylaere, M, and Van Eetvelde, C (2019).
Le Grognon à Namur : dernière intervention archéologique sous la dalle du parking
Pré-actes des Journées d'Archéologie en Wallonie, 9:26-30.

Bossert, S and Pauly, A (2019).
Two new species of Pseudapis Kirby, 1900 (Hymenoptera: Halictidae: Nomiinae) from Africa
Zootaxa, 4608(3):517-530.

Brabant, R, Laurent, Y, Jonge Poerink, B, and Degraer, S (2019).
Activity and behaviour of Nathusius’ pipistrelle Pipistrellus nathusii at low and high altitude in a North Sea offshore wind farm
Acta chiropterologica, 21(2):341-348.

Brabant, R, Reyniers, M, Lukach, M, Vanermen, N, and Degraer, S (2019).
Radar registrations of bird migration validation through an interdisciplinary approach (RAVen project)
Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences.

Brecko, J, Meirte, D, and Pauwels, OSG (2019).
Aparallactus modestus ubangensis (Boulenger, 1897). Ubangi Centipede-eater. Reproduction.
African Herp News, 71:37-39.

Bresseel, J and Constant, J (2019).
The new Oriental stick insect genus Baculomia gen.nov. with two new species from Vietnam including the first stick insect feeding on sugarcan (Phasmida, Phasmatidae, Clitumninae, Clitumnini)
Belgian Journal of Entomology, 87:1-25.

Breure, AS (2019).
Obsessed with shells: John L. Staid-Staadt (1886-1969) as a life-long and ardent collector
Folia conchyliologica, 50:5-76.

Breure, AS (2019).
A little-known German naturalist: Konrad Miller (1844-1933) and his malacological contributions
Archiv für Molluskenkunde, 148(2):129-136.

Breure, AS and Audibert, C (2019).
A candid view of relations between malacologists in the second half of the nineteenth century: the correspondence of Henri Drouët with Hippolyte Crosse
Folia conchyliologica, 49:55-95.

Breure, AS and Backhuys, W (2019).
Herman Roeters van Lennep (1820-1879) and the auction of his collection.
Spirula, 418:10-16.

Breure, AS and Backhuys, W (2019).
Enkele onbekende Nederlandse schelpenverzamelingen uit de 19e eeuw
Spirula, 419:9-15.

Breure, AS and Borrero, FJ (2019).
A review of Stenostylus Pilsbry, 1898 and Drymaeus Albers, 1850 (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Orthalicoidea: Bulimulidae) from Colombia, with description of new species
Folia conchyliologica, 52:1-79.

Breure, AS and Fontaine, B (2019).
Charles Hippolyte Crosse (1826-1898) and his contributions to malacology: a biography and bibliography
Colligo, 2(3)(Hors Séries 1).

Breure, AS and Heiberger, RH (2019).
Reconstructing science networks from the past: eponyms between malacological authors in the mid-19th century
Journal of Historical Network Research, 3(1):92-117.

Breure, AS and Hovestadt, A (2019).
Bridging the Atlantic: the correspondence of Thomas Bland and William Binney with Hippolyte Crosse, between 1863 and 1885
Folia conchyliologica, 49:3-54.

Breure, AS and Pall-Gergely, B (2019).
More than just a name: Colonel Messager and his correspondents
Zoosystema, 41(2):7-19.

Brya, J, Coangelo, P, Lavrenchenko, LA, Meheretu, J, Sumbera, R, Bryjova, A, Verheyen, E, Leirs, H, and Castiglia, R (2019).
Diversity and evolution of African Grass Rats (Muridae: Arvicanthis)—From radiation in East Africa to repeated colonization of northwestern and southeastern savannas
Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research, 57(4):970-988.

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