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RBINS Staff Publications 2019

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 571 references in this bibliography folder.

Zaher, H, Folie, A, Quadros, AB, Rana, RS, Kumar, K, Rose, KD, Fahmy, M, and Smith, T (2019).
Additional vertebral material of Thaumastophis from the early Eocene of India provides new insights on the early diversification of colubroidean snakes
In: International Symposium PalEurAfrica Evolution and Paleoenvironment of Early Modern Vertebrates during the Paleogene - September 10-13, 2019, vol. Program and abstracts, pp. 58, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels, Belgium.

Zaronikola, N, Debaille, V, Decrée, S, Mathur, R, Hadjigeorgiou, C, and Georgiadou, I (2019).
An isotopic study of VMS deposit systems from the Troodos ophiolite, Cyprus
In: Abstract book - Goldschmidt conference Barcelona.

Zekollari, H, Goderis, S, Debaille, V, van ginneken, M, Gattacceca, J, Team, A, Jull, T, Lenaerts, JT, Yamaguchi, A, Huybrechts, P, and Claeys, P (2019).
Unravelling the high-altitude Nansen blue ice field meteorite trap (East Antarctica) and implications for regional palaeo-conditions
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 248:289-310.

Zephirin, T, Regis, B, Desiree, AD, Yede, C, Blandine, ME, Dekoninck, W, and Champlain, D (2019).
Ant assemblage structure on cocoa trees in smallholder farms in the Centre Region of Cameroon
African Journal of Ecology:1-11.

Zhao, T, Lazendic, S, Zhao, Y, Montereale-Gavazzi, G, and Pizurica, A (2019).
Classification of multibeam sonar image using the Weyl transform
In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Image Processing and Communications, Bydgoszcz, Poland, September 11–13, 2019, ed. by Michał Choraś and Ryszard S. Choraś, pp. 206-213.

Saussus, L, Thomas, N, Braecke, M, Goemaere, E, and Leduc, T (2018-2019).
Un atelier d’orfèvre autour de l’An Mil. Travail du cuivre et de l’argent à Oostvleteren (Flandre-Occidentale, Belgique) au Xe / XIe siècle.
Centre de recherches d’archéologie nationale (U. Louvain-la-Neuve), Rapport(1, 188 p (texte) & 620p d’annexes (I à V)), UCL.

Chapalain, M, Verney, R, Fettweis, M, Jacquet, M, Le Berre, D, and Le Hir, P (2018).
Investigating suspended particulate matter in coastal waters using the fractal theory
Ocean Dynamics.

Chevalier, A and Goffette, Q (2018).
Site de Baelen / Nereth 2 Sélection de charbon de bois et d’ossements d’animaux pour datation radiocarbone

Dekoninck, W, Van Kerckvoorde, M, Van Nieuwenhuyse, L, De Baere, D, Lambrechts, J, and Baert, L (2018).
De spinnenfauna van enkele heidegebieden nabij Brusse. Deel 1: bemonsteringen 2014-2015
Nieuswsbrief Belg. Arachnol. Ver., 33(3):133-149.

Jansen, VE, Boeve, J, Hable, J, Heibo, E, Holzhauer, S, Jacobs, H, Janicke, M, Kramp, K, Liston, AD, Netzberger, R, Noblecourt, T, Peter, B, Prous, M, and Taeger, A (2018).
Die württembergischen Blatt-, Halm- und Holzwestpen (Hymenoptera, Symphyta)
Jh. Ges. Natrukde. Württemberg, 174:209-234.

Lacarrière, J, Goutas, N, Peschaux, C, Jadin, I, Salomon, H, Goffette, Q, Touzé, O, and Noiret, P (2018).
Retour sur les collections gravettiennes de Maisières « Canal » : réévaluation du potentiel du site via les premiers regards croisés sur l’exploitation alimentaire et technique des ressources animales fossiles et non fossiles
Université de Liège.

Martens, L, Stassen, P, Steurbaut, E, and Speijer, RP (2018).
Geochemistry of Nummulites as a proxy for the Eocene paleotemperature evolution in the Southern North Sea Basin: an Ypresian test case.
In: Geology Serving Society - Abstracts online , vol. 6th International Geologica Belgica Meeting 2018, KULeuven, Belgium, 12-14 september 2018, chap. 6, pp. 2 .

Martens, L, Stassen, P, Steurbaut, E, and Speijer, RP (2018).
Geochemistry of nummulites as proxy for Eocene climate change in the Southern North Sea Basin.
In: Abstract book - FORAMS2018 Foraminifera in a Changing World, vol. International Symposium on Foraminifera, Edinburgh, Scotland, 17-22 June 2018, pp. 601-602.

Martens, L, Stassen, P, Steurbaut, E, and Speijer, RP (2018).
Geochemistry of nummulites as proxy for Eocene climate change in the Southern North Sea Basin
In: Abstract book - Microfossil insights into greenhouse worlds, vol. Annual General Meeting, Leeds, 14-15 November 2018, pp. 44-45, The Micropalaeontological Society.

Odountan, O, Janssens de Bisthoven, L, Abou, Y, and Eggermont, H (2018).
Biomonitoring of lakes using macroinvertebrates: recommended indices and metrics for use in West Africa and developing countries
Hydrobiologia, 826(1):1-23.

Prondvai, E, Godefroit, P, Adriaens, D, and Hu, D (2018).
Intraskeletal histovariability, allometric growth patterns, and their functional implications in bird-like dinosaurs
Scientific Reports, 8(258):1-16.

Troukens, W, Ignace, D, Limbourg, P, Raemdonck, H, Dahan, L, and Drumont, A (2018).
Euglenes oculatus Paykull, 1798 in de Benelux (Insecta: Coleoptera: Aderidae)
Bulletin de la Societé royale belge d'Entomologie, 154:200-204.

Wouters, S, Steurbaut, E, Storme, J, Yans, J, and Devleeschouwer, X (2018).
. How to interpret the offset between marls and limestones of carbon isotopes on the bulk rocks in Zumaia GSSP (Spain)?
In: Livre des Résumés, vol. 26e Edition de la Réunion des Sciences de la Terre, Lille, France, 22-26 Octobre 2018, pp. 416.

Desmit, X, Ruddick, K, and Lacroix, G (2015).
Salinity predicts the distribution of chlorophyll a spring peak in the southern North Sea continental waters
Journal of Sea Research, 103:59-74.

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Les Coraux des récifs de marbre rouge "F2j".
Bulletin de la Société belge de Géologie, 89:67-69.

Damblon, F, Deligne, F, Jadin, I, and Fechner, K ((2012) 2019).
Annexe I. Datation radiocarbone des niveaux pré-romains du site de Bruyelle
In : Bausier K., Bloch N. & Pigière F. dir., Antoing, Bruyelle. Villa et occupations antérieures, Études et Documents, Archéologie, 23, Agence wallo ne du Patrimoine, Namur:7 p..

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