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Francis Strobbe, Ruth Lagring, and Serge Scory (2017)

EMODnet Data Ingestion Portal Project - WP4.3: Promotion activities


Abstract of an Oral Presentation or a Poster
The follow-up activities of WP4.2 will be supported by: • promotion and dissemination activities • technical guidance that can be found at the Data Ingestion portal RBINS as WP4 leader is developing a set of promotion material which can be used for central promotion activities and also by each of the consortium members as part of the WP4.2 activities. RBINS is developing the following promotional items: • Bookmarks (ready for distribution) • Poster (ready) • Generic presentation (short and long version) (ready) • Leaflet (under development) • Movie (graphical – under development) • Possible tutorial (youtube) how the submission service works (to be developed) • EMODnet Data Ingestion USB-card with presentations (under development) • EMODnet Notebooks (personalised with ‘Data Ingestion’) (under development) • EMODnet gadgets…. (under development)
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