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V.a Pieri, C.a Caserini, S.b Gomarasca, K.c Martens, and G.a Rossetti (2007)

Water quality and diversity of the Recent ostracod fauna in lowland springs from Lombardy (northern Italy)

Hydrobiologia, 585(1):79-87.

The Po river plain (northern Italy) is delimited to two mountain ridges, the Alps and the Apennines. It hosts peculiar lowland man-modified springs, locally known as "fontanili", which originate from natural resurgences occurring along the alluvial fans of the main watercourses, namely in the transition zone from the higher to lower plain which is characterized by changes in slope profile and sediment granulometry. These habitats usually show low variation in hydrological, hydrochemical and thermal conditions throughout the year. Twenty-eight springs, located in the provinces of Lodi and Cremona (Lombardy) in the alpine sub-catchment of the Po river were sampled in summer and autumn of 2004. Twenty-three of them were typical alluvial-fan springs, while the remaining five were terrace springs. The two groups of springs showed marked differences in their hydrochemical and hydrological characteristics. Sixteen ostracod species in three families (Candonidae, Ilyocyprididae, and Cyprididae) were identified. The most frequent species were Cypria ophtalmica (19 sites), Herpetocypris reptans (16), and Prionocypris zenkeri (13). Five species were found only once: Chlamydotheca incisa, Scottia pseudobrowniana, Pseudocandona compressa and Candona neglecta. Up to 6 taxa were recorded from a single site and the average number of taxa for each site was c. 3. The associations among ostracod taxa and their occurrence in relation to environmental factors were examined. Finally, the results of this survey were compared with a similar study previously conducted in 31 alluvial fan springs of the apennine sub-catchment of the Po river. © 2007 Springer Science+Business Media B.V.

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