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G Giannatos, Y Marinos, P Maragou, and G Catsadorakis (2005)

The status of the Golden Jackal (Canis aureus L.) in Greece


Broadcasted jackal howls were used to survey the status of the golden jackal in Greece. All sites with recent indication of jackal presence were surveyed at selected calling stations, and minimum population estimates were recorded. The results of the survey show that both populations and distribution area of the golden jackal in Greece have been declining steadily during the last three decades. The golden jackal has disappeared from Central and Western Greece and is currently confined in discontinuous, isolated population clusters in Peloponnese, Fokida, Samos isl., Halkidiki and North-eastern Greece. The reduction was more distinct in Southern Greece, which used to be the jackal's main area 20 years ago. The current minimum size of the jackal population in Greece was estimated at 152-162 different territorial groups. The largest population Cluster was found in Nestos - Vistonida area, NE Greece. In Southern Greece, the jackal is found in the Mediterranean maquis zone at altitudes below 600m asl. Some individuals were observed up to 1000m asl, but were considered exceptional. In Northern Greece the species was found in areas below 250m asl, while the highest population densities were found in thickets around wetlands up to 10m asl.

Canis aureus; Greece; status; acoustics; vocalization; howling response
9th International Congress on the Zoogeography and Ecology of Greece and Adjacent Regions, Thessaloniki, GREECE, MAY 22-25, 2002
  • ISSN: 0777-6276

ISSN 2295-0451 (online version)
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Prof. Dr. Isa Schön
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