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Inproceedings Reference Animaux, plantes et société en Gaule romaine. Un bilan des recherches archéozoologiques et carpologiques sur la période romaine en Wallonie
L’objectif de cette communication est de dresser un bilan des recherches archéozoologique et carpologique menées sur les sites romains de Wallonie. L’exposé présentera tout d’abord l’inventaire des données archéozoologiques et carpologiques disponibles pour les différentes provinces de Wallonie. Cet inventaire sera discuté en fonction de la nature des sites, de leur chronologie, des méthodes de collecte des vestiges, du type d’information bioarchéologique disponible et des questions de recherche abordées. Les principaux apports à la connaissance de l’exploitation animale et végétale par l’homme, en Gaule romaine, seront ensuite illustrés par des études de cas. Au terme de ce bilan, nous formulerons des recommandations et proposerons une série de pistes à explorer pour les recherches futures.
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Inproceedings Reference Ant differential response to nutrient addition in an Andean forest.
Located in Library / RBINS Staff Publications
Misc Reference Ant mosaics in neotropical forests and elsewhere. . In XXII Simposio de Mirmecologia, 18-22 October, pp. 76, Ilhéus, Bahia, Brasil.
Located in Library / RBINS Staff Publications
Inproceedings Reference Ant mosaics in tropical forests
Located in Library / RBINS Staff Publications 2016
Misc Reference Ant-termite interactions in New Guinea coconut plantations.
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Inproceedings Reference Antarctic micrometeorites as a resource to complement the current Solar System inventory: the case of 16O-poor cumulate porphyritic cosmic spherules
Located in Library / RBINS Staff Publications 2023
Inproceedings Reference Anthropogenic and environmental controls of barchan dune dynamics in Qatar
Barchan dunes are crescentic aeolian landforms of loose, mostly well-sorted sand with a convex side directed upwind and two horns pointing downwind. Their migration is mainly controlled by sand supply, dune size, wind patterns, vegetation cover and human impact. In Qatar, their distribution is limited to the southeastern part of the peninsula, where they play an important role for tourism and camping activities among locals. We investigate the variability of dune migration in Qatar over a time period of 50 years using high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery. We then explore its relation to the regional Shamal wind system (NNW–SSE), teleconnection patterns, and limitations in sand supply associated with the transgression of the Arabian Gulf, which explain the fact that Qatar is gradually being stripped from aeolian landforms with a remaining dune population in the southeast. Strong size-dependent differences in migration rates of individual dunes as well as significant decadal variability on a dune-field scale are detected, the latter closely correlating with summer Shamal activity. The summer Shamal itself is mainly driven by pressure differences between the stationary anticyclone over the eastern Mediterranean and the established summer heat low over Iran and adjacent areas. It seems to be related to the intensity of the North Atlantic Oscillation and the Indian Summer Monsoon, in particular during years of relatively strong (weak) summer Shamals. High uncertainties associated with the extrapolation of migration rates back into the Holocene, however, do not permit further refining of the timing of the loss of sand supply and the onset of the mid-Holocene relative sea-level (RSL) highstand. For the youngest phase considered in this study (2006–2015), human impact has significantly accelerated dune migration under a more or less stable Shamal regime through systematic sand mining and excessive vehicle traffic upwind of the core study area, which started in 2007.
Located in Library / RBINS Staff Publications 2018
Inproceedings Reference Antigenic properties of Type I collagen and Taxonomy
Located in Library / RBINS Staff Publications
Misc Reference Ants and their role in international environmental projects
Located in Library / RBINS Staff Publications
Inproceedings Reference Ants mosaic in tropical lowland forest: Take a look on a bigger scale
Located in Library / RBINS Staff Publications 2017