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RBINS Staff Publications 2021

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 41 references in this bibliography folder.

Bank, S, Buckley, TR, Büscher, TH, Bresseel, J, Constant, J, De Haan, M, Dittmar, D, Dräger, H, Kahar, RS, Kang, A, Kneubühler, B, Langton-Myers, SS, and Bradler, S (2021).
Reconstructing the nonadaptive radiation of an ancient lineage of ground-dwelling stick insects (Phasmatodea: Heteropterygidae)
Systematic Entomology, early on-line.

Belluzzo, A and Lambert, O (2021).
A new delphinid from the lower Pliocene of the North Sea and the early radiations of true dolphins
Fossil Record, 24:77-92.

Boevé, J (2021).
Some sawfly larvae survive predator-prey interactions with pentatomid Picromerus bidens
The Science of Nature, 108(8).

Constant, J (2021).
Pyrops auratus, a new lanternfly from the Philippines and taxonomic note on Bornean P. gunjii (Satô & Nagai, 1994) (Hemiptera: Fulgoromorpha: Fulgoridae)
Belgian Journal of Entomology, 112:1-19.

Constant, J (2021).
Two new species of the genus Gergithus Stål, 1870 from Thailand and Borneo (Hemiptera: Fulgoromorpha: Issidae)
Belgian Journal of Entomology, 114:1-17.

Constant, J and Jiaranaisakul, K (2021).
The Oriental lanternfly Pyrops itoi (Satô & Nagai, 1994): New synonymy and distribution records (Hemiptera: Fulgoromorpha: Fulgoridae)
Belgian Journal of Entomology, 110:1-14.

Cumming, RT, Bank, S, Bresseel, J, Constant, J, Le Tirant, S, Dong, Z, Sonet, G, and Bradler, S (2021).
Cryptophyllium, the hidden leaf insects – descriptions of a new leaf insect genus and thirteen species from the former celebicum species group (Phasmatodea, Phylliidae)
ZooKeys, 1018:1-179.

de Winter, NJ, Witbaard, R, Müller, I, Kocken, I, Agterhuis, T, Boer, W, de Nooijer, L, Reichart, G, Wacker, U, Fiebig, J, Goolaerts, S, and Ziegler, M (2021).
Advances in high-resolution paleoclimate reconstructions using growth experiments, age modelling and clumped isotope analyses
In: EGU General Assembly 2021 - Gather Online 19-30 April 2021 - Abstracts, pp. EGU21-6120, EGU.

De Wolf, K, Vanderheyden, A, Deblauwe, I, Smitz, N, Gombeer, S, Vanslembrouck, A, Meganck, K, Dekoninck, W, De Meyer, M, Backeljau, T, Müller, R, and Van Bortel, W (2021).
First record of the West Nile virus bridge vector Culex modestus Ficalbi (Diptera: Culicidae) in Belgium, validated by DNA barcoding
Zootaxa, 4920(1):131-139.

Delahaye, N, Komiya, Z, Drumont, A, and Shapovalov, A (2021).
A new species of the genus Psalidosphryon Komiya, 2001 from West Papua, Indonesia (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Prioninae)
Faunitaxys, 9(6):1-7.

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Arion vulgaris Moquin-Tandon, 1855 à Vogar en Islande
Novapex/Société, 22(1):6-8.

Destexhe, G, Warmenbol, E, and Goemaere, E (2021).
La pointe de lance d’Ivoz-Ramet (commune de Flémalle, prov. de Liège) revisitée. Une armature du début du Bronze final draguée dans la Meuse.
Lunula, à compléter:à compléter.

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Reevaluating the timing of Neanderthal disappearance in Northwest Europe
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 118(12):e2022466118.

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Note sur le genre Parmena Dejean, 1821 en Belgique (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae)
Lambillionea, 121(1):51-59.

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Cirripedes (Thoracica, Crustacea) from the Maastrichtian of Kalaat Senan, Tunisia
Cretaceous Research, 118(104650).

Galeta, P, Lázničková-Galetová, M, Sablin, M, and Germonpré, M (2021).
Morphological evidence for early dog domestication in the European Pleistocene: New evidence from a randomization approach to group differences
The Anatomical Record, 304:42-62.

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Annelids in Extreme Aquatic Environments: Diversity, Adaptations and Evolution
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Exploring the bushmeat market in Brussels, Belgium: a clandestine luxury business
Biodiversity and Conservation, 30:55-66.

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Recent advances in heteromorph ammonoid palaeobiology
Biological Reviews, 96:576-610.

Houart, R, Moe, C, and Chen, C (2021).
Living species of the genera Chicomurex Arakawa, 1964 and Naquetia Jousseaume, 1880 (Gastropoda: Muricidae) in the Indo-West Pacific
Novapex, 22(HS 14):1-52.

Jelu, I, Wouters, W, and Van Neer, W (2021).
The use of vertebral measurements for body length and weight reconstruction of pike (Esox lucius) from archaeological sites
Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences , 13:

Kaiho, K, Miura, M, Tezuka, M, Hayashi, N, Jones, D, Oikawa, K, Casier, J, Fujibayashi, M, and Chen, Z (2021).
Coronene, mercury, and biomarker data support a link between extinction magnitude and volcanic intensity in the Late Devonian
Global and Planetary Change, 199.

Kanavalová, L, Grootaert, P, Kubík, Š, and Barták, M (2021).
Four new West Palaearctic species and new distributional records of Hybotidae (Diptera)
ZooKeys, 1019:141-162.

Lambert, O, de Muizon, C, Varas-Malca, R, Urbina, M, and Bianucci, G (2021).
Eurhinodelphinids from the early Miocene of Peru: first unambiguous records of these hyper-longirostrine dolphins outside the North Atlantic realm
Rivista Italiana di Paleontologia e Stratigrafia, 127(1):17-32.

Laudisoit, A, Huyghe, P, Jacob, W, Ndjoku, B, Scholier, T, Dz'na, J, Tagg, N, Maher, S, Mande, C, Hoda, T, Hicks Thurston, C, Baelo, P, Kpanyogo, O, Ndjango Ngbathe, G, Gembu, GC, Omatoko, J, Asimonyio Anio, J, Leirs, H, and Verheyen, E (2021).
Chimpanzees surviving in a fragmented high-altitude forest landscape of the Congolese Albertine Rift
Conservation Science and Practice, e403:early on-line.

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