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Anhalzer, J. 2000.
The social, economic, and legal aspects of Galapagos conservation.
pdf_small Bull. 70 Sup: 5-6

Perry, R. 2000.
From evolutionary time to the early days of the Charles Darwin Foundation in Galapagos.
pdf_small Bull. 70 Sup: 7-10

Hoeck, H. 2000.
The last forty years.
pdf_small Bull. 70 Sup: 11-15

Tye, A. 2000.
Plant research overvievw, current activities, and priorities.
pdf_small Bull. 70 Sup: 17-21

Baert L. 2000.
Invertebrate research overview: I. Terrestrial arthropods.
pdf_small Bull. 70 Sup: 23-25

Coppois, G. 2000.
Invertebrate research overview: 2. The endemic land snails.
pdf_small Bull. 70 Sup: 27-29

Bustamante, R., Collins, K.J. & Bensted-Smith, R. 2000.
Biodiversity conservation in the Galapagos marine reserve.
pdf_small Bull. 70 Sup: 31-38

Fritts, T.H., Snell, H.L., Cayot, L., MacFarland, C., Earsom, S., Marquez, W., Llerena, W. & Llerena, F. 2000.
Progress and priorities in research for the conservation of reptiles.
pdf_small Bull. 70 Sup: 39-45

Vargas, H., Bensted-Smith, R. & Davis, G. 2000.
Past and present ornithology in Galapogos.
pdf_small Bull. 70 Sup: 47-52

MacFarland, C. 2000.
An analysis of nature tourism in the Galapagos Islands.
pdf_small Bull. 70 Sup: 53-63

Bensted-Smith, R., Cruz, E. & Valverde, F. 2000.
The strategy for conservation of terrestrial biodiversity in Galapagos.
pdf_small Bull. 70 Sup: 65-70

Barry, J. 2000.
Funding for conservation science, education, and training: how to get the money you need to survive.
pdf_small Bull. 70 Sup: 71-74