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Botosaneanu, L. 1996.
Caddis Flies (Trichoptera) from the Dominican Republic (West Indies). II. All families except Hydroptilidae; with general observations for Hispaniola.
pdf_small Bull. 66: 5-26

Desender, K. & Baert, L. 1996.
The Coleoptera of Easter Island.
pdf_small Bull. 66: 27-50

Fain, A. & Grootaert, P. 1996.
The genus Durenia Vercammen-Grandjean, 1955 (Acari: Trombellidae) in Papua New Guinea. Description of a new species.
pdf_small Bull. 66: 51-55

Fain, A., Zanatta-Coutinho, M.T. & Fonseca, M.T. 1996.
Observations on a small collection of mites (Acari) parasitic on mammals from Brazil.
pdf_small Bull. 66: 57-63

Logunov, D.V. & Rakov, S.Y. 1996.
A review of the spider genus Synageles Simon, 1876 (Araneae, Salticidae) in the fauna of Central Asia.
pdf_small Bull. 66: 65-74

Nonveiller, G. 1996.
Allotropidia acuticarinata, nouveau genre et nouvelle espèce de l’Afrique (Hymenoptera, Multillidae).
pdf_small Bull. 66: 75-78

Yang, D. 1996.
The genus Dolichopus from Southwest China (Diptera, Dolichopodidae).
pdf_small Bull. 66: 79-83

Yang, D. 1996.
Six new species of Dolichopodinae from China (Diptera, Dolichopodidae).
pdf_small Bull. 66: 85-89