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Baert, L.L. & Kekenbosch, J. 1982.
Araignées des Hautes Fagnes. II. Ecologie (Ecology of Belgian Spiders. III).
pdf_small Bull. 54(1): 1-21

Lukoschus, F.S., Gerrits, P.H. & Fain, A. 1982.
Three new species of the genus Marmosopus Fain & Lukoschus, 1977 (Glycyphagidae: Astigmata) from South American marsupials.
pdf_small Bull. 54(2): 1-10

Fain, A., Lukoschus, F.S. & Rosmalen, P.G. 1982.
Observations on the genus Epimyodex Fain & Orts, 1969, with description of two new species. Transfer of this genus to the Cloacaridae (Acari, Prostigmata).
pdf_small Bull. 54(3): 1-10

Fain, A. 1982.
Notes sur les Labidocarpines (Acari, Chirodiscidae) parasites des Chiroptères.
pdf_small Bull. 54(4): 1-37

Stroot, Ph. 1982.
Description de la larve d’Agapetus laniger (Pictet) (Trichoptera, Glossosomatidae).
pdf_small Bull. 54(5): 1-12

Van Stalle, J. 1982.
Scientific results of the Belgian Mount-Cameroon expedition (February - April 1981). III. Fam. Cixiidae, Derbidae, Meenoplidae, Dictyopharidae, Achilidae, Lophopidae, and Tettigometridae (Homoptera - Fulgoroidea).
pdf_small Bull. 54(6): 1-18

Fain, A. 1982.
Révision des genres Thyreophagus Rondani, 1874 et Michaelopus Fain & Johnston, 1974 (Acari, Acaridae) avec description de neuf espèces nouvelles.
pdf_small Bull. 54(7): 1-47

Fain, A., Yunker, C.E., Van Goethem, J. & Johnston, D.E. 1982.
Notes on the Ewingiidae (Acari, Astigmata) living in association with Pagurids and fresh-water crabs (Crustacea), with description of a new genus and a new species.
pdf_smallBull. 54(8): 1-7

Bosmans, R. & Péricart, J. 1982.
Distribution des Hétéroptères belges. VII. Berytidae, Piesmatidae et Aradidae (Hemiptera: Heteroptera).
pdf_small Bull. 54(9): 1-11

Lombert, H.A.P.M., Lukoschus, F.S. & Oconnor, B.M. 1982.
The life-cycle of Cosmoglyphus inaequalis Fain & Caceres, 1973, with comments on the systematic position of the genus. Results of the Namaqualand - Namibia expedition of the King Léopold III Foundation for the exploration and protection of nature (1980).
pdf_small Bull. 54(10): 1-17

Srivastava, G.K. 1982.
Notes on some Dermaptera in the collections of Institut royal des Sciences naturelles de Belgique.
pdf_small Bull. 54(11): 1-9

Dessart, P. & Alekseev, V. 1982.
Deux espèces nouvelles de Ceraphronidae de la région de l’Amour (Hym. Ceraphronoidea).
pdf_small Bull. 54(12): 1-4

Marlier, G. & Marlier, M. 1982.
Les Trichoptères de l’Ile de la Réunion.
pdf_small Bull. 54(13): 1-48