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Nolf, D. 2007.
Annie Valérie Dhondt (1942-2006).
pdf_small Bull77: 5-14

Van Viersen, A.P. 2007.
Preliminary report of trilobites from the Hanonet Formation (Eifelian - Givetian transition), southern border of Dinant Synclinorium, Belgium.
pdf_small Bull. 77: 15-29

Magrean, B.  2007. 
A revision of Devonian trilobites from Belgium - Part 2. The genera Gerastos and Cornuproetus.  
pdf_small Bull77: 31-40

Sartenaer, P. 2007. 
Sapphicorhynchus, a new early Givetian rhynchonellid (brachiopod) genus from western New York State, USA, and Sapphicorhynchidae, n. fam. 
pdf_small Bull. 77: 41-61

Coen-Aubert, M. & Plusquellec, Y. 2007. 
Nouvelles espèces du genre Phillipsastrea D'Orbigny, 1849 (Rugosa) dans le Givetien supérieur de la Rade de Brest (Massif Armoricain, France).  
pdf_small Bull. 77: 63-75

Jagt, J.W.M., Van Bakel, B.W.M. & Fraaije, R.H.B.  2007. 
Palaeodromites crypticus, a new early-middle Cenomanian dynomenid crab (Crustacea, Decapoda) from southern Belgium. 
pdf_small Bull77: 77-82

Godefroit, P. & Lambert, O.  2007.
 A re-appraisal of Craspedodon lonzeensis Dollo, 1883 from the Upper Cretaceous of Belgium: the first record of a neoceratopsian dinosaur in Europe? 
pdf_small Bull. 77: 83-93

Jagt, J.W.M., Dortangs, R., Simon, E. & Van Knippenberg, P. 2007. 
First record of the ichnofossil Podichnus centrifugalis from the Maastrichtian of northeast Belgium. 
pdf_small Bull. 77: 95-105

Jagt, J.W.M. & Van Bakel, B.W.M. 2007.
The cirripede Cretiscalpellum paucistriatum (Crustacea, Thoracica) in the lower Maastrichtian of NW Europe - is it stratigraphically useful? 
pdf_small Bull77: 107-116

Motchurova-Dekova, N. & Simon, E. 2007.
Homaletarhynchia SlMON & OWEN, 2001 - a genus transferred to the Basiliolidae (Pugnacoidea, Rhynchonellida, Brachiopoda). 
pdf_small Bull77: 117-129

Simon, E. 2007. 
A late Maastrichtian species of Gisilina (Brachiopoda, Chlidonophoridae) from the Maastricht area (The Netherlands, Belgium) first illustrated by Faujas de Saint-Fond. 
pdf_small Bull. 77: 131-140

Simon, E. 2007. 
A new Late Maastrichtian species of Isocrania (Brachiopoda, Craniidae) from The Netherlands and Belgium.  
pdf_small Bull. 77: 141-157

Smith, R.  2007. 
Présence du genre Eotalpa (Mammalia, Talpidae) dans l'Oligocène inférieur de Belgique (Formation de Borgloon, MP 21).
pdf_small Bull. 77: 159-165

Brzobohaty, R., Nolf, D. & Kroupa, O.  2007. 
Fish Otoliths from the Middle Miocene of Kienberg at Mikulov, Czech Republic, Vienna Basin: their paleoenvironmental and paleogeographic significance.
pdf_small Bull77: 167-196

Lambert, O., & Gigase, P. 2007.
A monodontid cetacean from the Early Pliocene of the North Sea. 
pdf_small Bull77: 197-210