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Casier, J.G. & Préat, A. 2006
Ostracods and lithofacies close to the Eifelian-Givetian boundary (Devonian) at Aisemont (Namur Synclinorium, Belgium).
pdf_small Bull76: 5-29

Boulvain, F. & Coen-Aubert, M.  2006.
A fourth level of Frasnian carbonate mounds along the south side of the Dinant Synclinorium (Belgium). 
pdf_small Bull76: 31-51

Sartenaer,P. 2006.
Parallelepipedorhynchus, a new late Frasnian rhynchonellide (brachiopod) from the Dinant Basin, Belgium, and Parallelpipedorhynchidae n. fam. 
pdf_small Bull. 76: 53-65

Magrean, B. 2006.
Revision of some Devonian trilobites from Belgium. The genera Astycoryphe, Tropidocoryphe, Eifliarges and Koneprusia. 
pdf_small Bull. 76: 67-77

Tetlie, O.E. & Van Roy, P. 2006. 
A reappraisal of Eurypterus dumonti Stainier, 1917 and its position within the Adelophthalmidae Tollerton, 1989. 
pdf_small Bull. 76: 79-90

Yans, J., Dejax, J., Pons, D., Taverne, L. & Verhesen, W. 2006.
The iguanodons of Bernissart (Belgium) are middle Barremian to earliest Aptian in age. 
pdf_small Bull. 76: 91-95

Jagt, J., Goolaerts, S., Jagt-Yazykova, E.A., Cremers, G. & Verhesen, W. 2006.
First record of Phylloptychoceras (Ammonoidea) from the Maastrichtian type area, The Netherlands.
pdf_small Bull76: 97-103

Nolf, D., Rana, R.S. & Singh, H. 2006. 
Fish otoliths from the Ypresian (early Eocene) of Vastan, Gujarat, India. 
pdf_small Bull76: 105-118

Taverne, L., Van Simaeys, S. & Steurbaut, E. 2006.
Belgocaranx luypaertsi gen. and sp. nov., a new skeleton-based Carangid Fish from the Boom Clay (Rupelian, Early Oligocene) at Kallo (N. Belgium). 
pdf_small Bull. 76: 119-130

Smith, R. 2006. 
Sigenyctia oligocaena n. gen. n. sp., nyctithère (Mammalia, Lipotyphla) de l’Oligocène inférieur de Belgique (Formation de Borgloon, MP21).
pdf_small Bull. 76: 131-136

Godefroid, J., Mottequin, B. & Yochelson, E.L.  2006.
Restudy of the Lower Carboniferous Scaphopoda described by DE KONINCK (1843, 1883). 
pdf_small Bull. 76: 137-163

Jagt, J. 2006. 
Transfer of the holotype of Skiaster vikingr BLAKE & JAGT, 2005 (Asteroidea; lower Paleocene) to the Geological Museum, Copenhagen. 
pdf_small Bull76: 165-165