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Vandenberghe, N. & Dhondt, A.V. 2004.
Pierre Bultynck. 
pdf_small Bull74(Sup): 5-7

Garcia-Alcade, J.L. 2004.
Lower Devonian Delthyridoidea (Brachiopoda, Delthyridina) of the Cantabrian Mountains (N. Spain) 
pdf_small Bull. 74(Sup): 9-38

Vanguestaine, M., Breuer, P. & Lehnert, O. 2004. 
Discovery of an Early Ordovician conodont fauna in the Salm Group of the Stavelot Inlier, Belgium. 
pdf_small Bull74(Sup): 39-48

Mottequin, B. 2004. 
The genus Biernatella BALINSKI, 1977 (Brachiopoda) from the late Frasnian of Belgium.  
pdf_small Bull. 74(Sup): 49-58

Barchy, L., Coen-Aubert, M., Marion, J.M. & Coen, M. 2004. 
Mise en évidence de la Faille de Marenne sur la carte géologique Aye- Marche-en-Famenne (Highlighting of the Marenne Fault on the geological map Aye Marche-en-Famenne). 
pdf_small Bull. 74(Sup): 59-71

Casier, J.G. 2004. 
The mode of life of Devonian entomozoacean ostracods and the Myodocopid Mega-Assemblage proxy for hypoxic events. 
pdf_small Bull. 74(Sup): 73-80

Sartenaer, E. 2004.
Restatement of Terebratula Orbignyana DE VERNEUIL, 1850 on the basis of the original collection. 
pdf_small Bull74(Sup): 81-88

Coen, M., Groessens, E. & Sevastopulo, G. 2004.
Conodonts and ostracods from the section at Longdianshan (upper Tournaisian of Guangxi, China). 
pdf_small Bull. 74(Sup): 89-100

Nolf, D. 2004. 
Otolithes de poissons aptiens du Maestrazgo (province de Castellon, Espagne orientale). 
pdf_small Bull74(Sup): 101-120

Simon, E. 2004.
A reappraisal of some large Late Maastrichtian brachiopods from Kunrade (southern Limburg, The Netherlands). 
pdf_small Bull74(Sup): 121-137

Godefroit, P., Alifanov, V. & Bolotsky, Y. 2004.
 A re-appraisal of Aralosaurus tuberiferus (Dinosauria, Hadrosauridae) from the Late Cretaceous of Kazakhstan. 
pdf_small Bull. 74(Sup): 139-154

Van Itterbeeck, J. & Bultynck, P. 2004.
Nonmarine ostracods from the Paleocene Subeng mammal site, Inner Mongolia, P.R. China, taxonomy and biostratigraphy. 
pdf_small Bull74(Sup): 155-163
Smith, T., De Wilde, B. & Steurbaut, E. 2004. 
Primitive Equoid and Tapiroid mammals: keys for interpreting the Ypresian-Lutetian transition in Belgium. 
pdf_small Bull74(Sup): 165-175
De Man, E., Van Simaeys, S., De Meuter, F., King, C. & Steurbaut, E. 2004. 
Oligocene benthic foraminiferal zonation for the southern North Sea Basin. 
pdf_small Bull7 (Sup): 177-195
Smith, R. 2004.
Nouveau nyctithère (Mammalia, Lipotyphla) de l’Oligocène inférieur de Belgique (Formation de Borgloon, MP 21) - New nyctithere (Mammalia, Lipotyphla) from the Lower Oligocene of Belgium (Borgloon Formation, MP 21). 
pdf_small Bull74(Sup): 197-204
Marquet, R. 2004. 
Ecology and evolution of Pliocene bivalves from the Antwerp Basin.  
pdf_small Bull. 74(Sup): 205-212
Germonpre, M. 2004.
The Pleniglacial cave bears from Goyet, Belgium - taphonomic and palaeobiological characteristics. 
pdf_small Bull74(Sup): 213-229