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Sartenaer, P. 2004.  
Cherryvalleyrostrum, a new late Eifelian rhynchonellid (brachiopod) genus from North America. 

pdf_small Bull74: 5-18

Coen-Aubert, M. 2004.
Two new species of Temnophyllids (Rugosa) from the Upper Givetian of Belgium. 

pdf_small Bull74: 19-34

Mottequin, B. 2004.
The genus Iowatrypa COPPER, 1973 (Brachiopoda) in the Les Valisettes Formation (late Frasnian of the Philippeville Anticlinorium, southern Belgium). 
pdf_small Bull. 74: 35-44

Casier, J.G., Mamet, B., Préat, A. & Sandberg, C.A. 2004.
Sedimentology, conodonts and ostracods of the Devonian - Carboniferous strata of the Anseremme railway bridge section, Dinant Basin, Belgium.

pdf_small Bull. 74: 45-68

Godefroid, J.. 2004. 
Recovery of the lectotype of Spirifer tornacensis DE KONINCK, 1883 (Tournaisian Brachiopoda).

pdf_small Bull. 74: 69-71

Taverne, L. 2004. 
Libanechelys bultyncki gen. et sp. nov., une nouvelle anguille primitive (Teleostei, Anguilliformes) du Cénomanien marin du Liban. 

pdf_small Bull. 74: 73-87

Van der Ham, R.W.J.M., Van Konijnenburg-Van Cittert, J.H.A. & Nieuwenhuis, E.A.P.M. 2004. 
Cunninghamites ubaghsii (Taxodiaceae?) from the Maastrichtian type area (Late Cretaceous, SE Netherlands) rediscovered.

pdf_small Bull. 74: 89-96

Jagt, J. & Simon, E. 2004.
A pedunculate brachiopod population preserved in situ (Late Maastrichtian, NE Belgium). 

pdf_small Bull74: 97-103

Simon, E. 2004.  
A new Late Maastrichtian species of Cyranoia (Terebratulida, Brachiopoda) from Belgium and The Netherlands. 

pdf_small Bull74: 105-118

Donavan, S.K. & Jagt, J. 2004.
Taphonomic and ethologic aspects of the ichnology of the Maastrichtian of the type area (Upper Cretaceous, The Netherlands and Belgium).

pdf_small Bull. 74: 119-127

Jouve, S. & Schwarz, D. 2004. 
Congosaurus bequaerti, a Paleocene Dyrosaurid (Crocodyliformes; Mesoeucrocodylia) from Landana (Angola). 
pdf_small Bull. 74: 129-146

Lambert, O. 2004.
Systematic revision of the Miocene long-snouted dolphin Eurhinodelphis longirostris DU BUS, 1872 (Cetacea, Odontoceti, Eurhinodelphinidae). 
pdf_small Bull. 74: 147-174

Germonpre, M. & Sablin, M.V. 2004.
Systematics and osteometry of Late Glacial foxes from Belgium. 

pdf_small Bull74: 175-188

Bogdanova, T.N. & Mikhailova, I.A. 2004.
Origin, evolution and stratigraphic significance of the superfamily Deshayesitaceae STOYANOW, 1949. 
pdf_small Bull74: 189-243