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Sarmiento, G. & Bultynck, P. 2003. 
Late Ordovician Conodonts from the Fosses Formation, Condroz Area, Belgium. 
pdf_small Bull. 73: 5-9

Coen-Aubert, M. 2003. 
Description of a few rugose corals from the Givetian Terres d'Haurs Formation in Belgium. 
pdf_smallBull73: 11-27

Sartenaer, P. 2003.
Tullypothyridina, new late Givetian rhynchonellid (brachiopod) genus. 
pdf_small Bull73: 29-51

Godefroid, J. & Hauser, J. 2003. 
The Frasnian Pentamerida and Atrypida (Brachiopoda) from the Reichle quarry (Eifel, Germany). 
pdf_small Bull. 73: 53-68

Mottequin, B. 2003. 
Two new atrypid brachiopod species from the late Frasnian of Belgium. 
pdf_small Bull. 73: 69-82

Casier, J.G. & PrĂ©at, A. 2003.  
Ostracods and lithofacies of the Devonian-Carboniferous boundary beds in the Avesnois, North of France. 
pdf_small Bull73: 83-107

Poty, E. & Hecker M.R. 2003.  
Parallel evolution in European rugose corals of the genus Lonsdaleia McCoy, 1849 (Lower Carboniferous). 
pdf_small Bull73: 109-135

Simon, E. 2003. 
A new Late Maastrichtian rhynchonellide brachiopod from the Kunrade Limestone facies near Maastricht (Southern Limburg, The Netherlands). 
pdf_small Bull73: 137-148

Jagt, J. 2003.
Note on a Maastrichtian cidarid echinoid from Eijsden (Limburg, The Netherlands).  
pdf_small Bull. 73: 149-154

Nolf, D. 2003.
Fish otoliths from the Santonian of the Pyrenean faunal province, and an overview of all otolith- documented North Atlantic Late Cretaceous teleosts.
pdf_small Bull73: 155-173

Jagt, J. 2003.
The ichnofossil genera Radulichnus and Renichnus in the Maastrichtian of The Netherlands and Belgium. 
pdf_small Bull. 73: 175-184

Radwanska, U. & Radwanski, A. 2003.
Bosquet's (1862) inarticulate brachiopods : Discinisca elslooensis sp. n. from the Elsloo Conglomerate. 
pdf_small Bull. 73: 185-194

Santi, G., Rossi, M. & Pomodoro, S. 2003.
Cave bear remains from the Buco dell' Orso Cave (Lombardy -Italy). Part III. Morphometric analysis of metapodial bones. 
pdf_small Bull. 73: 195-219