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Coen-Aubert, M. 2002.
Temnophyllids and Spinophyllids (Rugosa) from the Givetian Mont d’Haurs Formation in Belgium. 
pdf_small Bull. 72: 5-24

Godefroid, J., Stainier, P. & Trost, G. 2002.
Two new spinocyrtiid brachiopods (Spiriferida) from the Pragian and the Lower Emsian of Belgium. 
pdf_small Bull72: 25-41

Casier, J.-G., Lethiers, F. & Préat, A, 2002.
Ostracods and sedimentology of the Devonian-Carboniferous stratotype section (La Serre, Montagne Noire, France). 
pdf_small Bull72: 43-68

Sartenaer, P. & Plodowski, G. 2002.
Description of Mesochorispira konincki (Dewalque, 1895), a spiriferid brachiopod from the Belgian Upper Tournaisian. 
pdf_small Bull. 72: 69-84

Jagt, J.W.M. 2002.
Periproctal plating in the echinoid Coenholectypus larteti (Cenomanian, Sultanate of Oman). 
pdf_small Bull. 72: 85-89

Jagt, J.W.M. & Fraaije, R.H.B. 2002.
The erymid lobster Enoploclytia leachii (MANTELL, 1822) from the Upper Campanian of northeast Belgium. 
pdf_small Bull. 72: 91-95

Averianov, A.O. 2002. 
An ankylosaurid (Ornithischia: Ankylosauria) braincase from the Upper Cretaceous Bissekty Formation of Uzbekistan
pdf_small Bull72: 97-110

Kowalke, T. 2002.
Systematic revision of Palaeocene brackish water Gastropoda from Mons, Belgium, based on their early ontogenetic shells. 
pdf_small Bull72: 111-134

Mayr, G. & Smith, R. 2002.
A new record of the Prophaethontidae (Aves: Pelecaniformes) from the Middle Eocene of Belgium.
pdf_small Bull72: 135-138

Mayr, G. & Smith, R. 2002.
Avian remains from the lowermost Oligocene of Hoogbutsel (Belgium).
pdf_small Bull72: 139-150

Kazar, E. 2002.
Revised phylogeny of the Physeteridae (Mammalia: Cetacea) in the light of Placoziphius VAN BENEDEN, 1869 and Aulophyseter KELLOGG, 1927.
pdf_small Bull. 72: 151-170

Verheyden, T. 2002.
Decapods from the Boom Clay (Rupelian, Oligocene) in Belgium. 
pdf_small Bull. 72: 171-191