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Godefroid, J. 2001.
Description de quelques brachiopodes Spinocyrtiidae (Spiriferida) du Dévonien inférieur de Belgique. 

pdf_small Bull71: 5-30

Casier, J.G., Lethiers, F. & Préat, A. 2001.
Ostracods and rock facies associated with the Devonian-Carboniferous boundary series in the Puech de la Suque section, Montagne Noire, France.

pdf_small Bull71: 31-52

Simon, E. & Owen, E.F. 2001.
A first step in the revision of the genus Cretirhynchia Pettitt, 1950.

pdf_small Bull71: 53-118

Godefroit, P., Zan, S. & Jin, L. 2001.
The Maastrichtian (Late Cretaceous) lambeosaurine dinosaur Charonosaurus jiayinensis from north-eastern China. 

pdf_small Bull. 71: 119-168 

Dupuis, C., Steurbaut, E., Molina, E., Rauscher, R., Tribovillard, N., Arenillas, I., Arz, J.A., Robaszynski, F., Caron, M., Robin, E., Rocchia, R. & Lefevre, I. 2001.
The Cretaceous-Palaeogene (K/P) boundary in the Aïn Settara section (Kalaat Senan, Central Tunisia: lithological, micropalaeontological and geochemical evidence. 

pdf_small Bull71: 169-190

Jagt, J. 2001.
Deckersamphiura vitea, a new Late Campanian ophiuroid from southern Limburg (The Netherlands).

pdf_small Bull. 71: 191-193

Marquet, R. 2001.
A study of some Neogene European species of Seilinae (Cerithiopsidae, Gastropoda). 

pdf_small Bull71: 195-208

Germonpre, M. & Sablin, M. 2001.
The cave bear (Ursus spelaeus) from Goyet (Belgium). The bear den in Chamber B (bone horizon 4). 

pdf_small Bull. 71: 209-233