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Coen-Aubert, M. 1998.
Thamnophyllides et Acanthophyllides près de la limite Eifelien-Givetien à Wellin et Pondrôme (Belgique). 
pdf_small Bull68: 5-24

Bultynck, P., Helsen S. & Hayduckiewich, J. 1998.
Conodont succession and biofacies in upper Frasnian formations (Devonian) from the southern and central parts of the Dinant Synclinorium (Belgium) - (Timing of facies shifting and correlation with late Frasnian events). 
pdf_small Bull68: 25-75

Casier, J.-G. & Lethiers, F. 1998.
Les Ostracodes du Frasnien terminal (Zone à linguiformis des Conodontes) de la coupe du col de Devils Gate (Nevada, USA). 
pdf_small Bull. 68: 77-95

Godefroid, J. 1998.
Le genre Costatrypa Copper, 1973 (Brachiopoda, Atrypida) dans le Frasnien du sud de la Belgique. 
pdf_small Bull68: 97-114

Sartenaer, P. 1998.
The presence in Morocco of the late Famennian genus Hadyrhyncha Havlicek, 1979( rhynchonellid, brachiopod). 
pdf_small Bull. 68: 115-120

Sartenaer, P.  1998.
Leptoterorhynchus, new middle Famennian rhynchonellid genus from Poland and Germany. 
pdf_small Bull. 68: 121-128

Jagt, J.W.M., Donovan, S.K., Deckers, M.J.M., Dortangs, R.W., Kuypers, M.M.M. & Veltkamp, C.J. 1998.
The Late Maastrichtian bourgueticrinid crinoid Dunnicrinus aequalis (D’Orbigny, 1841) from The Netherlands and Belgium.
pdf_small Bull. 68: 129-154

Kennedy, W.J. & Jagt, J.W.M. 1998.
Additional Late Cretaceous ammonite records from the Maastrichtian type area. 
pdf_small Bull. 68: 155-174

Mackinnon, D.I., Simon, E. & Bitner, M.A. 1998.
A reappraisal of the problematic European, Late Cretaceous brachiopod Leptothyrellopsis polonicus Bitner & Pisera, 1979. 
pdf_small Bull. 68: 175-180

Simon, E. 1998.
Maastrichtian brachiopods from Ciply: palaeoecological and stratigraphical significance. 
pdf_small Bull68: 181-232

Maschenko, E.N. & Lopatin, A.V. 1998.
First record of an Early Cretaceous triconodont mammal in Siberia. 
pdf_small Bull. 68: 233-236

Nolf, D. & Aguilera, O. 1998.
Fish otoliths from the Cantaure Formation (Early Miocene of Venezuela). 
pdf_small Bull68: 237-262

Marquet, R. 1998.
The Pliocene turrid Gastropods of Belgium. Part 2: Conidae (genera Asthenotoma, Comarmondia, Cytharella, Mangelia, Lusitanops, Raphitoma  and Philberta). 
pdf_small Bull. 68: 263-287