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Zakharov, V.A.,  Bown, P. & Rawson P.F. 1996.
The Berriasian Stage and the Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary. 
pdf_small Bull66(Sup): 7-10

Bulot, L. 1996.
The Valanginian Stage.  
pdf_small Bull66(Sup): 11-18

Mutterlose, J. 1996.
The Hauterivian Stage. 
pdf_small Bull. 66(Sup): 19-24 

Rawson, P.F. 1996.
The Barremian Stage. 
pdf_small Bull66(Sup): 25-30

Erba, E. 1996.
The Aptian stage.
pdf_small Bull. 66(Sup): 31-43

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The Albian stage and substage boundaries.
pdf_small Bull. 66(Sup): 45-56

Tröger, K.A. & Kennedy W.J. 1996.
The Cenomanian stage.
pdf_small Bull. 66(Sup): 57-68

Bengtson, P. 1996.
The Turonian stage and substage boundaries.
pdf_small Bull. 66(Sup): 69-79

Kaufman, E.G., Kennedy W.J. & Wood, C.J. 1996.
The Coniacian stage and substage boundaries. 
pdf_small Bull66(Sup): 81-94

Lamolda, M.A. & Hancock, J.M. 1996. 
The Santonian Stage and substages.
pdf_small Bull66(Sup): 95-102

Hancock, J.M. & Gale, A.S. 1996. 
The Campanian Stage. 
pdf_small Bull. 66(Sup): 103-109

Odin, G.S. 1996.
Definition of a Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point for the Campanian/Maastrichtian boundary. 
pdf_small Bull. 66(Sup): 111-117