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Bultynck, P. 1993.
An assessment of posture and gait in Iguanodon bernissartensis BOULENGER, 1981. 
pdf_small Bull63: 5-11 

Sartenaer, P. 1993. 
Tomestenoporphynchus, nouveau genre rhynchonellide (brachiopode) du Frasnien inférieur de la Plate-forme russe. 
pdf_small Bull63: 13-23 

Godefroit, P.  1993.
Les grandes ichthyosaures sinémuriens d'Arlon. 
pdf_small Bull63: 25-71 

Simon, E. 1993.
Possible presence of Cretirhynchia undulata (PUSCH, 1837) in de Vijlen Chalk (Upper Maastrichtian) from Hallembaye (Belgium). 
pdf_small Bull. 63: 73-97 

Kennedy, W.J. 1993.
Campanian and Maastrichtian ammonites from the Mons Basin and adjacent areas of Belgium. 
pdf_small Bull63: 99-131 

Hancock, J.M., Peake N.B., Burnett J., Dhondt A.V., Kennedy W.J. & Stokes R.B. 1993.
High Cretaceous biostratigraphy at Tercis, south-west France. 
pdf_small Bull. 63: 133-148 

Hancock, J.M. & Kennedy W.J. 1993.
The high Cretaceous ammonite fauna from Tercis, Landes, France. 
pdf_small Bull. 63: 149-209 

Dhondt, A.V. 1993.
Upper Cretaceous bivalves from Tercis, Landes, SW France. 
pdf_small Bull63: 211-259 

Collins, J. & Smith, W.J. 1993.
Ypresian (Lower Eocene) crabs (Decapoda, Crustacea) from Belgium. 
pdf_small Bull63: 261-270 

Germonpre, M. 1993.
Taphonomy of Pleistocene mammal assemblages of the Flemish Valley, Belgium. 
pdf_small Bull. 63: 271-309 

De Heinzelin de Braucourt, J., Orban, R. Roels, D. & Hurt, V. 1993.
Ossements humains dits néolithiques de la région de Mons (Belgique), une évaluation. 
pdf_small Bull. 63: 311-336