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You are here: Home / RBINS Publications / Bulletin of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences - Biology / Bulletin of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences - Biology / Contributions to the study of the comparative morphology of teeth and other relevant ichthyodorulites in living suprasspecific taxa of Chondrichthyan fishes. Part B : Batomorphii 4b : Order Rajiformes – Suborder Myliobatoidei – Superfamily Dasyatoidea – Family Dasyatidae – Subfamily Dasyatinae – Genera : Taeniura, Urogymnus, Urolophoides – Subfamily Potamotrygoninae – Genera : Disceus, Plesiotrygon and Potamotrygon (incl. sup. Supraspecific taxa of uncertain status and validity), Family Urolophidae – Genera : Trygonoptera, Urolophus and Urotrygon – Superfamily Mylliobatidea – Family : Gymnuridae – Genus : Aetoplatea.

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