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Coomans, A., Chavez, E. & De Léon, L. 1996. 
Xiphidorini (Nematoda : Longidoridae) from Uruguay. 

pdf_small Bull. 66: 5-15 

Muthumbi, A. & Vincx, M. 1996.
Nematodes from the Indian Ocean, description of six new species of the genus Molgolaimus Ditlevsen, 1921 (Nematoda : Desmodoridae). 

pdf_small Bull66: 17-28 

Troncoso, J.S., Garcia, F.J., Backeljau, Th. & Urgorri, V. 1996.
Faunistic and anatomical data on the Antartic Opithobranchia (Mollusca, Gastropoda) in the collections of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences. 

pdf_small Bull66: 29-40 

Sablon, R. & Van Goethem, J.L. 1996.
Report on the Lymnaea (Stagnicola) palustris (Müller, 1774) complex in Belgium (Gastropoda : Pulmonata : Lymnaeidae. 

pdf_small Bull66: 41-49 

Martens, K. 1996. 
On Korannacythere gen. nov. (Crustacea, Ostracoda), a new genus of temporary pool limnocytherids from southern Africa, with the description of three new species and a generic reassessment of the Limnocytherinae. 

pdf_small Bull. 66: 51-72 

Rossetti, G. & Martens, K. 1996. 
Redescription and morphological variability of Darwinula stevensoni (Brady & Roberston, 1870) (Crustacea, Ostracoda). 

pdf_small Bull66: 73-92 

Gonzales Moro, M.E., Martens, K. & Baltanas, A. 1996. 
A taxonomic revision of European Herpetocypris Brady and Norman 1889 (Crustacea, Ostracoda). 

pdf_small Bull66: 93-132 

d'Udekem d'Acoz, C. 1996.
Description of Periclimenes wirtzi sp. nov., a new pontoniine shrimp from Madeira  and the Azores, with a checklist of Eastern Mediterranean Pontoniinae (Crustacea, Decapoda, Caridea). 

pdf_small Bull. 66: 133-149 

Massin, Cl. 1996. 
The Holothurians of Easter Island. 

pdf_small Bull66: 151-178 

Herman, J., Hovestadt-Euler, M. & Hovestadt, D.C. 1996
Contributions to the study of the comparative morphology of teeth and other relevant ichthyodorulites in living supra-specific taxa of Chondrichthyan fishes. Part B: Batomorphii N°1c : Order Rajiformes – Suborder Rajoidei – Family : Rajidae – Genera and Subgenera : Arhynchobatis, Bathyraja richardsoni-type, Cruriraja, Irolita, Notoraja, Pavoraja (Insentiraja), Pavoraja (Pavoraja), Pseudoraja, Raja (Atlantoraja), Raja (Okamejei) and Rhinoraja. 

pdf_small Bull66: 179-236 

Krystufek, B., Griffiths, H.I. & Vohralik, V. 1996. 
The status and use of Terricola Fatio, 1867 in the taxonomy of Palaearctic "pine voles" (Pitymys) (Rodentia, Arvicolinae). 

pdf_small Bull. 66: 237-240 

Verheyen, W.N., Colyn, M. & Hulselmans, J. 1996. 
Re-evaluation of the Lophuromys nudicaudus Heller, 1911 species-complex with a description of a new species from Zaire (Muridae-Rodentia). 

pdf_small Bull66: 241-273