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Herman, J., Hovestadt-Euler, M. & Hovestadt, D.C. 2005.
Contribution to the odontological study of living Chondrichthyes. 2. The genus Oxynotus Rafinesque, 1810. 

pdf_small Bull75: 5-20 

Herman, J., Hovestadt-Euler, M. & Hovestadt, D.C. 2005. 
Contributions to the odontological study of living Chondrichthyes. 3. The genus Isistius Gill, 1864. 

pdf_small Bull75: 21-33 

Kok, P. 2005. 
A New Genus and Species of Gymnophthalmid Lizard (Squamata: Gymnophthalmidae) from Kaieteur National Park, Guyana. 

pdf_small Bull. 75: 35-45 

Maran, J. & Pauwels, O.S.G. 2005.
Etat des connaissances sur les tortues continentales du Gabon: distribution, écologie et conservation.

pdf_small Bull. 75: 47-60 

Massin, Cl. 2005. 
New records of Dendrochirotida (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea) from Papua New Guinea. 

pdf_small Bull. 75: 61-80 

De Blauwe, H. 2005. 
A new species of Caulibugula (Bryozoa: Cheilostomatida) from France. 

pdf_small Bull. 75: 81-87 

Wouters, K. 2005.
On an extant species of the genus Neocyprideis Apostolescu from Java (Indonesia), with the description of the appendages (Crustacea, Ostracoda). 

pdf_small Bull75: 89-95 

Anker, A., d'Udekem d'Akoz, C. & Poddoubtchenko, D. 2005.
Description of a new species of Alpheopsis from the Azores, with remarks on A. africana Holthuis, 1952 and other species of the A. trispinosa (Stimpson, 1860) group (Crustacea, Decapoda, Caridea, Alpheidae). 

pdf_small Bull. 75: 97-110 

Fiers, F. 2005. 
A new species of the genus Speocyclops (Crustacea, Copepoda, Cyclopoida) from the Han-sur-Lesse Cave, a well know and popular cavern, in southeastern Belgium.

pdf_small Bull. 75: 111-118